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Marketing Strategy for Next Generation Gym, UK - Essay Example

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Marketing Strategy for Next Generation Gym, UK Name of the Writer Name of the Institution Marketing Strategy for Next Generation Gym, UK Introduction The desire to be the best we can does pervade our senses from time to time. How can we resist it, when the advertising industry is constantly booming out messages telling us that we need to conform to a certain style, seek to enjoy a certain lifestyle and meet a certain body type that is desirable by the opposite sex…
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Marketing Strategy for Next Generation Gym, UK
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Download file to see previous pages It is a combination of all these factors that lead young people and professionals to join gyms and sports facilities all over the world, and the UK is no exception. In fact the trend for a healthier and happier lifestyle is catching on here. Being in good shape and eating a healthy diet not only help get us noticed and appreciated more at the office and on the street, but also make us irresistible to the opposite sex (Adcock et al, 2001, 17). Most of all, it makes us happy. This paper will look at the comparatively new concept of pay as you go gyms in the UK, with particular reference to Next Generation Club Gyms, a business registered in Hertfordshire, UK. It also has a branch in Swindon. Pay As You Go, a New Concept in the Sports Industry In fact, Next Generation Club Gyms have been the subject of quite rapt attention by sport enthusiasts and marketers alike, since it has introduced the concept of pay as you go in the UK. Similar in concept to schemes for mobile phones, this new innovation has made it easier for people who would like to get into shape or practice some sort of sport activity not on a regular but on an infrequent basis, when they get the time. Of course, it is always better to follow a regular schedule when you can but many of us have varying responsibilities at different times of the day, week or month which does not give us the opportunity to live a really scheduled life. For example, a salesman who has to travel to customers for offers and closing deals can hardly know in advance where he will be at a certain time of the day or how long the next sales call will take. One can similarly get stuck with a last minute assignment at the office, or have to stay an extra shift because somebody is ill or cannot make it. For these individuals, pay as you go certainly makes sense (Perner, Pricing, 2011). When you come to think of it, pay as you go also makes sense for lazy individuals who are not self determined enough to follow a regular schedule. So the idea certainly has merit for most of us. Pay as you go is not only cheaper; you can book a time slot in advance and ensure availability of facilities and equipment that lets you exercise, swim or play tennis at ease and without waiting in line for people to clear out before you get a chance. The concept caught on in the USA some time ago but has only been recently introduced in the UK (Garvin, 1988, 20). Available Facilities and Activities Presently the activities available at Next Generation Gym Club in Swindon are swimming, exercise, racquets and relaxing opportunities. Swimming allows you to relax after a hard day’s work, play casually in the pool or if you are more competitive, even learn some new strokes and increase your lap speed. There are swimming lessons for kids and grownups as well, including aqua aerobics for anyone who is interested. Training for body strength and flexibility include Body Blast, Body Pump, Body Pump Express, Pilates, Spin, Yoga and Boxercise, all scheduled at different times. A monthly schedule is drawn up in advance. Facilities for NG Kids include rugby, basketball, soft play activities, make and create, karate, teen gym street dance academy and booking for parties. There are also squash, tennis and badminton facilities with professional coaching available. The cafe and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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