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Solar Cells of Carbon Nanotube Polymers - Assignment Example

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NAME INSTRUCTOR COURSE DATE Solar cells firm allocation Introduction A new company is very sensitive and requires keen consideration of all factors affecting the firm. A solar cell firm will need to be strategic enough both in terms of task application and customer relation…
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Solar Cells of Carbon Nanotube Polymers
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Download file to see previous pages The preparation process includes tilling and removing of compacted layers, destroying the available weeds, improving the tillage of the soil, and improving the firmness of the soil. A solar project has an advantage over other forms of companies as it does not have many restrictions from the ministry of environment and natural resources. This is because it falls under the categories of NED (natural energy development firm). The firm needs to contact the social assessment department to help it in evaluating the soundness of a company and the acceptability of the firm in relation with the communities around. After the assessment, the go forward certificate will be issued by the environment examination department (Sheila, G. bailey, 2009). Administrative and legal framework A solar company does not necessarily need environmental effects assessments in many regions of the world. However, the environment needs some analysis to ensure that it is suit for the firm. This is in the aim of ensuring that it market viable; meaning that it should be strategic to the market. The access of law materials should be strategic as well to reduce the cost of transportation. The firm should be located also in reference to the location of other companies, to increase its suitability of its location where it will take advantage over the competitors (Sheila, G. bailey, 2009). Statement of Responsibilities By using the legal systems the company will acting according to the professional and ethical practices to ensure that the firm is personally responsibility for the welfare of both the employees, customers, and the community around (Statement of responsibility, 2011). The employees The company will ensure that the re will be fair allocation of employment where it will be based on merit; experience and academic achievements. The company will ensure that the employees are motivated using different techniques to make sure that they increase their output and increase their efficiency and competence. The companies will ensure that they offer favorable terms to improve the management employee relationship by availing salary advance, loans, subsidies, financial assistance and other incentives under that line. The firm will make sure that the products are also available to the employees at a subsidies price The company will ensure that they are offered housing and other services to make sure that they are located at a convenient location The customers After sells services for bulk purchases Well labeling to avoid contradicting advertisements where the expiry dates are clearly indicated Quality goods and services to ensure customer satisfaction Offering a variety of products to cater for all kinds of customers both large scale and small scale The community Provision of subsidies as far as medical care is concerned Promotion of education through building of school with the association with other concerned bodies such as the government or any other relevant bodies Playing part in the promotion of community development, in this case it will make sure that it has impacted to the development of the community Improving housing facilities and other infrastructures (Statement of responsibility, 2011) Description of Vendor The company will aim at supplying solar cells to different companies both locally and internationally. This will help in the building up of the company as the market target will be will be big. The local supply ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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