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Total Quality Management - Research Paper Example

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TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT- WHAT? WHY? HOW? E-MAIL ADDRESS November 28, 2011 ABSTRACT Total Quality Management (TQM) is a vast domain in the business world and forms an essential feature of the organizational infrastructure presently, since it is potential of profoundly helping an organization in retaining long-term success…
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Total Quality Management
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Download file to see previous pages I. INTRODUCTION History OF TQM Basically, TQM is widely considered to be a management philosophy which revolves around improving the quality of products and myriad processes running within an organization prior to launching a product in the market. The term TQM refers to managing and maximizing quality at every level so that employee engagement could be raised, a wide collection of talented ideas could be formed, costs could be reduced by running processes based on short time periods, and top-quality products could be introduced in the market which would better adapt to the customers’ needs. The concept of TQM operates on the principle that everyone is involved in preparing a certain product and not any product can be considered the result of many efforts made by the top management. It operates on the principle that everyone, from grass-root level to authoritative level, working for an organization should be involved in the product-preparing process, so that everyone could be credited with success and glory and no big feat could be called a one-man’s achievement. ...
ues within an organization and did not lay any stress on improving their quality in contrast to the philosophy of TQM, which lays stress on improving and managing the quality of every single process and relation within an organization. So, it remains a reality that TQM offers a much wider approach for looking at things in order to work upon their quality so that the product quality could be improved consequently. According to (Business Performance Improvement Resource 2011), though the roots of TQM can be traced back to early 1920s when the business focus was shifted more towards product quality control, it was in Japan during 1940s when this huge business concept was nurtured and polished in the more vivacious and realistic way. It was then that the focus shifted from product quality control alone and widened tremendously and ultimately, such a business management philosophy was introduced in the form of TQM which could be applied to every level from employee engagement and committed management to quality products and customer satisfaction. Some critics also suggest that the roots of TQM are found embedded in the statistical theory which was applied to the management of product quality and focused on identifying the quality problems and relied mainly on quality control professionals. It was when the Japanese products began to be perceived as cheap imitations that the industrial leaders in Japan launched a program to produce high-quality products and later titles this program as TQM which ultimately became a whole philosophical domain. In the later years, the concept of quality control and management widened even more and the idea of overall quality control became the front theme of Japanese movement. The idea of the quality never stops at the management level or at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Total Quality Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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