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Information systerm assignment - Essay Example

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[Name of school] [Name of Discipline] Information Systems Assignment Critical Argument on ‘It’s a Flat World, After All’ [Name of Course] [Name of Instructor] [Name of Student] [Date] Technological Advancements have revolutionized the human society. This revolution has been narrated by many people with respect to particular scenarios…
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Information systerm assignment
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"Information systerm assignment"

Download file to see previous pages Though, geographically speaking, the world may actually be round and may consist of places thousands of miles apart but these distances have been bridged by the current prevalent technological advancements. This was exactly the basis of the thoughts expressed by renowned American columnist and writer Thomas Friedman who wrote a famous piece of work titles “It’s a flat world, After All”. Many a school of thoughts liked and appreciated the theories presented by Friedman and adhered to them but many other thought it wasn’t as practical as it posed itself to be. The present discussion is aimed at discussing the thoughts presented by Friedman and commenting upon them in line with some of the concepts we have gone through in our course of information systems. Generally speaking, since information systems have been the core theme of course being studied, the concept that has concretely been established is that information systems have assisted man since their inception in an irreplaceable manner. By taking raw data as input with respect to the organization’s requirements, information systems process it and produce the output required by the stakeholders of that organizational level. The perspective discussed by Friedman is narrated henceforth. Friedman emphasizes that the world of today is nothing but flat. How he comes to that conclusion is by his trip to India where he was amazed to find that local men knew so much the world out there that was not expected from a South Asian developing nation. He strongly advocates Globalization. He mentions that globalization has intermingled the world to such an enormous level that anything happening in one part of the world instantly gets transmitted across thousands of miles without anytime lapse. He accredits the advent of Netscape Navigator (First Internet Surfing Browser) as being a trigger in this age of globalization in which man lives today. Friedman got particularly enthralled when he saw that outsourcing was no more a problem due to the technological advancements. Designers and entrepreneurs from the western countries could easily interact with programmers in the south Asian countries at runtime via video conferencing and internet. This solved the relentless problem of outsourcing and that too at considerable rates without any compromises in quality. Along with outsourcing, Friedman mentioned Insourcing and Supply Chaining as two more of other factors that contributed to globalization. He was fascinated by the fact that as soon as an item would be sold in one of the U.S.A’s supermarkets like Wal-Mart their production setup thousands of miles away would instantly be told to produce another one of those units in order to replace that one that has just been sold. He termed this as supply chaining at its best. Friedman believed that it was long before the programmers in India and China would become the designers as well and there would be no preference to living in Boston to that over living in Bangalore, India. He makes a number of suggestions in his work as to what should companies and individuals do in order to cope up with the increasing rate of globalization. Overall it may be said that Friedman clearly brings out the benefit of globalization. With all the goodness narrated by Friedman with respect to the advancements in information and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Information Systerm Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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