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Business: Articles Analysis - Essay Example

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Your name ……………………………………. College / University ……………………………. Date ……………………………………………. BUSINESS Articles Analysis ‘Strategy’ to make difference Technology advances and fierce competition among the market players significantly impact the business environment and therefore most businesses worldwide look at a strategy that can help them achieve sustainable competitive advantage…
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Business: Articles Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Business-integration and technology orientation, especially in today’s highly dynamic manufacturing and marketing environments, will be certainly a unique idea to utilize the potential of various small players and grab the opportunities that are hidden in the market arena. Innovation, idea, vision and strategy can be converted to money-values only when they are designed and developed with a view to discovers hidden, but seldom explored, marketing opportunities. PepsiCo’s new attempt to integrate the start-up businesses should be considered as an illuminating example of how dynamically a strategy can be developed. Out of the 10 start-up companies it selected, Sports Team Space, PearcePoke, Shahmoon Ltd, TvTak Ltd, SoDash Ltd etc are providing communication services such as HD Video posters, social media monitoring, social networking etc. PepsiCo will be able to utilize integrated marketing communication with help of these small companies and use marketing communication as one of main marketing strategies. ...
nd communication with customers, employees and other important stakeholders to create short and long term financial benefits (Belch and Belch, 2007, p. 11). As these two literatures explained, IMC is a tool that can help a marketer integrate its communication program and deliver the messages more effectively to its targeted customers. Out of the 10 start-up companies that PepsiCo selected, few are providing dynamic communication services and these will be of greater benefits to the company in future especially if they are utilized for the IMC. It shows how a company can make greater difference with a simple strategic step and how it can convert it to long term profitability. Mobiles, especially Smartphone, are playing vital roles in the market, perhaps even as a key-role maker in customers’ decision making. Most of the largest companies are deeply thinking of facilitating the marketing services to customers’ finger-reach with help of mobiles. This would be the main strategic thought of PepsiCo behind the selection of companies like ChartsNow Mobi Ltd, Screenreach Interactive Ltd, Roamler and Waxwired, because these companies, though newer in the market, are stepping ahead with unique mobile gaming, software and other service markets. For a very large brand like PepsiCo, these small business will certainly add up greater vales and the company will be able to communicate its messages very effectively to its targeted customers. References Belch G.E and Belch M.A, Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective, Seventh Edition, McGraw Hill, 2007 Lamb C.W, Hair J.F and McDaniel J.C Essentials of Marketing, 2008 Sixth and illustrated edition, Cengage Learning PepsiCo, October 2011, PepsiCo Selects 10 of Europe's Most Promising Technology ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business: Articles Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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