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Business: Ethical Dilemma - Essay Example

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Ethical Dilemma The risks and opportunities are side by side. The country under consideration has a problem at hand because it is volatile and hence the situation within it keeps on getting worse by the day. What is needed under such a scenario is to make sure that the business keeps its focus and thinks on exploring the coal reserves that this country offers to the organization…
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Business: Ethical Dilemma
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Download file to see previous pages The ethical dilemma is highlighted here because this South Asian country has not been able to decipher its true strengths yet is plagued in weaknesses of its own making and the threats that keep looming large within its proportions for all the wrong reasons. Since this is a lucrative opportunity and one that can bring serious laurels for the organization, it would be sound to suggest the positives that come along with one such exploration. The manner in which these risks and opportunities are kept side by side leaves a lasting impression and therefore it is always a good exercise to ascertain beforehand both the positives and the negativities before reaching to a generally approved conclusion. To start with, it would be a good opportunity to discern the exact basis of growth and development that this organization will be able to do in this volatile country. The locals must be given the benefits because it is for them that the success graph for the organization will go up immensely. It will cash upon the incentives and benefits that will come its way and hence increase its standing within the related industrial settings. The opportunities are many which can be taken care of by the organization once it finds out the exact ways and means through which it can enter this country and build upon what it has thought of. The organization can perhaps liaise with the government of the time and apprise them of the immense opportunities for growth and development that lie within their folds. It could also make them a partner within the profits that will be gained out of such undertakings. The end result would be one of success for just about everyone who is related with the entrance of the organization within this country. Similarly, it must play its relevant CSR role to inform the people what good it will be doing within this country and how well its efforts will be echoed across the board. This shall set the basis for eventual accomplishment of goals on the part of the organization nonetheless. The CSR approach would define the exact basis of the business and make it look productive in entirety. It will tell the people how well they will be looked after by this business and how the locals will benefit significantly in the long range scheme of things. The need is to understand that the due role of the CSR is magnanimous within the entering of this organization within the South Asian country. It will open up new doors and allow the organization to venture into new zones and thus cultivate success for all and sundry. With that the risks are attached as well, and which need to be tapped in accordance with the changing global standards. These include the hazards related with coal mining and the related realms. The CSR standards would be enhanced properly if the organization gives the locals their due and allots them the much needed importance that they want to have within their lives in terms of earnings and professional domains. The CSR angle would therefore boost the business immensely because it would take care of the locals’ issues and make sure that their related problems are solved in an easy going manner. Thus the ethical dilemma needs to be taken into consideration properly before one could remark where the negativity would creep in within the related equations and thus mar the entire basis of growth and productivity for the organization that one is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business: Ethical Dilemma Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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