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GOOGLE Preliminary Credit Assessment Company Background Form 10-K Report 2011 Google is a publicly listed company at the Nasdaq in the Internet Information Provider industry Founded by Larry Page, originally incorporated in California in 1998, reincorporated in Delaware in 2003, and listed in 2004 Operates globally by delivering cost-effective online advertising through its AdSense program Offers a variety of platforms such as Google Books, Google TV, Google Apps, including Gmail, Google docs, Google Calendar, Google Sites and others…
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Download file to see previous pages Google generates revenue primarily by delivering online advertising. The company primarily operates in the US. It is headquartered in Mountain View, California and employs 24,400 people. (Datamonitor 2011) Industry Analysis Macro-environment Analysis Political issues Different policies of countries concerning the freedom of communication and information There are different policies given the different political regimes worldwide. Even in liberal countries, the threat of terrorism and international fraud have created regulations that tend to require web service providers to monitor and identify high risk content in their throughput. Social advocacy groups also urge censorship of pornographic and similar material over the web. Censorship issues in countries with centralized political systems Countries such as China and other politically restrictive countries impose censorship controls which tends to discourage parties from engaging in internet exchange, even for non-political purposes. Economic issues Internet ad spending increasing, with affordable costs providing advantages to small firms Even small business are benefitted by the far reach of internet advertising. Compared to print, broadcast and other advertising, internet advertising is relatively cheap, and results are strong Growing viability of e-commerce among markets With the advent of reliable and secure e-payment services such as paypal, e-commerce is becoming more acceptable to most business and customers, and provides greater viability to Google. Increasing recourse to online transactions More companies are establishing e-stores over regionwide operations from which shoppers may make orders or transact sales. Industry Analysis Macro-environment Analysis Social issues In some parts of the world, cultural and language barriers create preferences for local info providers Growing connectedness due to social networking opens doors to more people of all walks of life Technological issues New technology enables tracking and targetting of individual customers, improving customer relations R&D provides more powerful, less costly alternatives Industry Analysis Macro-environment Analysis Legal issues Infringements of intellectual property rights Concern for firm’s liability in providing access for internet fraud, terrorism, and other unlawful uses Privacy concerns in relation to content material Environmental issues Greenhouse gas emission has been associated with the electrical power, including the carbon footprint of digital information devices Sustainable disposal of such devices still a problem Industry Analysis Porter’s Five Forces Model Internal Rivalry High due to continuing impetus for innovation Strongest players are Yahoo, Google, AOL and MSN of Microsoft Threat from Substitutes High since substitutes include social networks, vertical search engines and dedicated e-commerce websites, standalone websites, and other forms of advertising since companies advertise in multiple media. Industry Analysis Threat from New Entrants Low due to slowing growth and consolidation among present players Low due to strong brand loyalties among present players Bargaining Power of Suppliers Low due to high number of information sources, blog ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Google PowerPoint Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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...Google I believe that Google has core competencies because it was able to make a breakthrough in the Internet business by transforming its technological tool into a profitable business, by relating its core competence with an innovative way to generate revenue flows and structuring its business with the correct mix of technology and innovation (Sugano, Goncalves and Figueira, p.3). Google is acknowledged to be one of the online giants, together with Yahoo and Amazon. Google has focused on achieving a leadership position by offering the search engine and advertisement engine on the Web. The core competence of Google is based on the technology used in the...
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... Google's Initial Public Offering The performance of Google, which debuted using the online auction process in August, 2004, does not suggest that the online auction process served as an efficient pricing mechanism since it did not minimize Google's first day price surge. "When Google filed in April 2004 to go public, it outlined an unusual IPO method that was widely seen as an assault on Wall Street practices. In place of the standard system -- in which underwriters sometimes had let favored investors buy shares and priced the offerings low so those investors made quick gains -- Google would use a "Dutch auction."" (Delaney, September 2005) Google's offer price was $85, and it opened at $100--reflecting an 18 percent increase... . This...
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...Google Google is the world’s most sought after search engine. It is used the world over by millions of people on a daily basis. Its mission is to make available the world’s segregated information accessible to all and sundry. Google’s founders are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These two gentlemen developed a new method through which online searches across the globe could be made easy and accessible. It is undoubtedly the world’s largest search engine at the moment and the credit for the same goes on the shoulders of its founders. The single most fascinating aspect of this search mechanism is that it produces results and that too quite accurate in literally a fraction of a second. With...
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...Google Inc In 2004 Google became a public corporation. Its debut price was $85 and withina year it rose to $300. The more than 300% growth in its first year is unprecedented to say the least. Google’s main competitor in the search engine business is Yahoo. But in spite of Yahoo’s longer presence in the internet services market, its market capitalization still falls below that of Google (a much later entrant to the market). This figure stood at an impressive 80 billion dollars toward the end of 2005. One reason for Google’s success is its emphasis on innovation and its reputation of being the torch-bearer of search engine technology. In this key...
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...The primary stakeholders of Google in China are the people of China and Chinese government. The secondary stakeholders are other internet providers like Yahoo and Baidu, a Chinese owned ISP who has large market share. Each stakeholder is significantly affected by Google’s decision to self censor. Business rivals are faced with more competition and Chinese government’s need to restrict flow of information to people is acceded. The direct beneficiaries or people who access internet for information are left with censored information. Due to Chinese government’s stringent laws, Google agreement for self censorship is the right alternative as it provides it with option to tap the huge market...
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...Google Incorporation Google incorporation is one of the renowned companies in the world for its internet services. Google is an American company that was established in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Notably, this company started as a research project. It was initially referred as “BackRub” where it only analyzed other websites to determine their relevance. It was later named Google, and started working under Stanford University’s website (Google 1). The mission of the company is to organize the world’s information and make it globally available and useful .It is one of the most famous companies in the world. The company makes its profits through...
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