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An Analysis of How Several EU Policies Influence (Have Influenced) The Operations of Carrefour - Essay Example

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An Analysis of How Several EU Policies Influence (Have Influenced) the Operations of Carrefour Contents Contents 2 Overview of the Company 3 The Policies of the European Union 3 Impact of European Union Policies over Carrefour 6 Conclusions 9 References 10 Overview of the Company The company taken for the evaluation purpose is Carrefour which serves as the leading retailer in international markets mainly specialising in the business pertaining to the retailing of grocery products…
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An Analysis of How Several EU Policies Influence (Have Influenced) The Operations of Carrefour
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Download file to see previous pages Through these centres the company has spread up its operations based along 9,500 outlets whether managed by company or by franchises. Other than European countries the company has also spread its operations in areas belonging to Latin America and other Asian countries like China (Carrefour-a, n.d.). It is found that the maximum of the revenues of the firm is generated from its operation outside the European countries which is found to generate around 57 percent of the total revenue of the Carrefour group. The retail company also specialises in meeting the demands of both the internal and external set of consumers. Focusing on the internal aspects the company works in highly motivating and encouraging the staffs to take quality decisions and also enhances the knowledge base of the people through encouraging them to take part in group activities. Similarly focusing on the external consumer base the company works in generating quality products at affordable prices to the consumers. Carrefour also works in carving and enhancing the loyalty relationship with the consumer bases (Carrefour, 2009). Carrefour thus based in an European country the paper endeavours to evaluate the impacts of the policies formulated by the European Union on the operations and internal policies of the company. The Policies of the European Union Three significant areas are highlighted on which the European Commission has issued separate policies. In regards to bring about harmony in the economic and financial sector the European Union has generated the Euro currency which would tend to bring about unity in the trade and economic activities pertaining to the European Countries. The generation of Euro as the common currency of the European nations has helped the financial institutions belonging to such countries to effectively tackle the financial emergency emanating out of the event of the credit crunch. Moreover the issue of Euro has helped in reducing the cost of transferring or converting currencies while travelling from one European country to another. Similarly the uniformity brought in the price tags of the products helps in safeguarding the consumers from being cheated by the different retailers. Moreover the introduction of the Euro has helped in reducing the cost of money transfers among banks and financial institutions thus encouraging the consumers of such organisations to go about with the money transfers without subjecting to any hazard (Europa, 2011). The introduction of the Euro thus is found to bring about economic, social and political stability among the European nations. It helps in the extension of trade and commerce and thereby creates ample opportunities for jobs and employment. Retail consumerism has also gained newer dimensions owing to the introduction of Euro where the retail firms are bound to tag the prices of the products uniformly thus enhancing transparency (Agraa and Ardy, 2011, p.182). The second policy of the European Union which comes into light is regarding directions in order to sustain the hygiene and freshness of the food products for both humans and animals. Maintenance of high hygiene standards is being regulated for the several European nations through the introduction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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