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Marketing Strategy for Products - Essay Example

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Marketing Strategy for Products: The Case of Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) Baby Powder Instructor Institution Date Executive Summary A marketing plan is a set of marketing strategies that a company uses to market its products to enable the company achieve its core objective, that is, to make profits…
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Marketing Strategy for Products
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Download file to see previous pages The success of a product cannot be achieved without creating a brand name for the product. There are various strategies used for brand marketing such as competitive analysis and positioning. While taking into consideration the types of strategies to implement on branding, it is important to consider how the products fit in the target market as well as the organization’s objectives. This report will analyze the major strategies used in market planning by the Johnson's & Johnson's Company in branding their J&J baby powder. The report discuses major product characteristics such as color, size, shape and materials used in the manufacture. The report also explains the strategies used in branding such as position as well as how the product fits in the business market and the organizations objectives. Introduction J&J baby powder is designed to keep the skin dry, soft and smooth. Powder has been used for generations. The main users of baby powder are mothers. However, the company is also targeting at other adults who are not mothers. First of all, let's consider mothers as main buyers category. The J&J baby powder will keep the skin of their babies soft. The use of it will ensure that the baby is as comfortable as possible thereby keeping the baby calm. The delicate perfumes of chamomile and lavender will make the use of J&J baby powder more exciting and enjoyable. The use of chamomile and lavender in J&J baby powder is designed to help the reduction of friction in the skin and the clothes such as nappies and pampers. By eliminating friction the baby will be free from nappy rashes thereby keeping the baby’s skin soft and smooth. Now let's pay attention to the category of adult consumers who buy the product for themselves. The J&J baby powder has been designed for a wide variety of consumers including people affected by allergies. Special care has been put into consideration in choosing the ingredients in order to attend to the special needs of people affected by certain perfumes. The J&J baby powder is also designed to care for the skin by absorbing excess skin moisture. This product is mild and gentle so as to sooth cracked and sore skin and restore the injured skin to its normal texture. Besides, the J&J baby powder is designed to be used by adults in reduction of friction from wearing tight trousers and blouses, as well as sweat reduction. It can be applied in the face to control sweat; it can act as a deodorant to control smelly armpits. The J&J baby powder is effective in absorbing moisture and will absorb sweat in the face and armpits leaving the skin dry and soft. The product is suitable for applying in between fingers to reduce and eliminate finger warts too. Main characteristics of the J&J baby powder According to Juran, M.J. and De Fao (2010), the main characteristics of a product include color, size, material, shape and benefits. The baby powder comes in 500 grams, 200 grams and 100 grams potions packed in sophisticated pink, white and blue plastic bottles. The shape of the container will be that of a bottle neck. The bottle will be fitted with a cap that will have small holes or pouring or sprinkling the powder. The cap will have been well designed such that it is able to be capped and closed tightly. Even if the baby plays with the bottle the whole day no powder will be spilled. The J&J baby powder is designed to care for the young ones in every respect. The colors of the baby powder containers are light in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Marketing Strategy for Products Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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