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Acquisition Team - Research Paper Example

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The term acquisition, which is the improved version of procurement, was adopted in 1970, and remains a characteristic and parcel of Department of Defense (DoD) contracting activities (Engelbeck, 2002)…
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Acquisition Team
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Extract of sample "Acquisition Team"

Download file to see previous pages primarily, acquisition constitutes a process that functions and bears results based on interdependence and cooperation of various aspects in the contracting process (Engelbeck, 2002). Furthermore, acquisition team is what makes the process of acquisition succeed, based on the set goals. Moreover, formation of the team should reflect aspects of integration, interrelation, cooperation, and collaboration with enhanced communication networks. Business Opportunity Opportunity Title: Z-Full Seepage Blanket Extension, Bolivar Dam, Ohio Solicitation Number: W91237-11-B-0006 Agency: Department of the Army Office: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Office Location: USACE District, Huntington URL: This is one of the projects owned by the Department of Army, and solicitation for the project awaits posting of notice for contractors. The project largely involves contractors initiating an action-plan of placing fill material on the downstream side of the Bolivar Dam in Bolivar, Ohio State. Included in the work to be performed are base contract plus two options. On the part of Base Contract, construction of a portion will take place at downstream seepage blanket, a terrace filter blanket extension, 450’ of storm sewer, and tree and brush clearing around the left abutment of the dam (FedBizOpps, N.d). On the part of two options, option (1) will involve construction of remainder of the downstream seepage blanket and 530’ of storm sewer. Option (2) will involve construction of the right abutment seepage blanket (FedBizOpps, N.d). The process of constructing seepage blankets will largely involve borrow material from an on-site borrow area, whereby, the portion of material will be purchased by the contractor from commercial source (FedBizOpps, N.d). Construction to be done will take place on government owned-land, which will be the same thing happening for borrow and spoil areas. Research has indicated that there will be need for roads (Haul roads) connecting borrow and spoil areas and subsequently linking them to seepage blankets. The whole project is estimated to cost between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000 (FedBizOpps, N.d). The delivery (completion) of the project is estimated will take 635 calendar days after the initial date when authorization of the project commencement notice is received. Sections of FAR Act will guide some of the operations of the project such that, 25% of total contract performance incurred for personnel should be expended for employees of the prime contractor. Acquisition Team Engelbeck (2002) observes that Acquisition needs to be perceived as the process that connects the needs of customers and overall satisfaction derived by the customers. Further, Acquisition is a process of steps and activities involving identifying requirements (needs), acquisition planning, preparation of the solicitation, source selection, negotiation, and contract award, performance and closeout (Engelbeck, 2002). Success of acquisition process has been attached to ability to institute acquisition team that is multi-organizational as well as cross-functional in nature. Therefore, given the nature of the above project, the following experts are deemed critical to the success of the acquisition process. Program Manager (PM) The acquisition process only succeeds or fails from efforts, skills, and knowledge of the PM. This is a professional whose shoulders hold the entire work-process of acquisition, and the direction the PM takes will greatly define the success, failure or progress of the project ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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