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Internal: One Tiuch Direct - Research Paper Example

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RESEARCH/INTERNAL Analysis Company: One Touch Direct Firm Infrastructure: OneTouch Direct is a marketing and call center company that is based in Tampa. It caters to three industries: telecommunications, entertainment and financial services. The infra-structure at One Touch direct comprises of a various functions and department…
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Internal: One Tiuch Direct
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Download file to see previous pages The call center industry works on a differentiations strategy. Their focus is always quality more than quantity. As a result, most of the people that are hired are expected to be very poised, well articulate, and well spoken with regards to their communication skills. Because the employee base is very young, most of them are still working around their way and have little idea about the kinks in the system. The infrastructure of OTD could do with an over-haul with the primary focus being on computers. Things are changing fast and an infra-structure over-haul will really help the retention and prevent absteeniesm. Improve the efficiency of the OTD’s infrastructure by investing in research and development. For every product the company takes on to market, an r and d team should be setup to over see the right target market. Utilize on technology and automate procedures which are manually done at OTD. At the moment bandwidth communications are less and the company does not have a corporate intranet. Improve labor efficiency by automating tasks which were performed manually before. Focus on total quality management in delivering services. OTD does not give its quality the kind of attention that is given by competitors overseas. It has not yet embraced the concept of total quality management and has therefore not be been able to fully avail the benefits of total quality management. ...
The attrition rate of the call center industry peaks at 19 % today and measures need to be taken to reduce it.Strategic human resource management is very important within organizations. The primary objective of Human resource management should be to develop an HRM management system for the organization that will enhance the organization’s effectiveness, efficiency, quality, innovation and responsiveness to customers. It is an important and a rigorous process and each of the following six components are just as important: Recruitment and selection Training and development Performance appraisals and feedback Pay and benefits Labor relations The first and most major component of HRM is recruitment and selection. Under this component, only those employees who have the required and relevant set of skills, experience and expertise are hired to work within the organization. There is a critical selection process in which the best employee is selected. Various factors are concerned and kept into perspective before recruitment of employees. Some of the factors are: (Burgeois, 1985) work experience (2 months) Level of commitment that they are willing to offer. Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards that they want from the company Relevant background :what’s their level of education? What degrees do they possess and do they possess the required skills. A structured interview in which some basic questions need to be asked like how important is the job for them, some informative questions and their unique qualifications. All the aforementioned measures are very important because they will help the organization take in only those employees who come with the exact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Internal: One Tiuch Direct Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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