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Oragnizational Behavior Business - Research Paper Example

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1. Introduction Generally, companies pay their entire attention to building good products or offering good services to their customers in order to increase customer satisfaction. While they recognize that the employees are the core of their business, they tend to believe that if their customers are happy, the employees would automatically be happy…
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Oragnizational Behavior Business Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, there are problems of attrition and hiring & severance costs (LaMalfa, 2007). Hence, it becomes imperative for the top executives of a firm to make plans and take steps for employee engagement and motivation. As a president of my company, I would make a systematic plan for employee engagement and motivation. The same is discussed here. 2. Recognizing the need and meaning of employee engagement The first step in an employee engagement plan is to recognize its real meaning and need. It has been found through research that engaged employees are those who are emotionally connected to the organization’s business. This emotional connect is above pay scale, incentives, benefits or training. Engaged employees are more enthusiastic, productive and happy in their work. The board of directors and the top executives need to understand that engaged employees lead to significant cost savings in recruitment and training and also enable to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. They allow flexibility in business due to their capability to acquire new skills and adapt to new businesses. The managers also need to realize that like other factors employee engagement can be planned and managed. 3. ...
tions, compensation & benefits, training facilities, recommendation of the organization as a place to work, recommendation of company’s products or services to friends and productivity (LaMalfa, 2007). The survey must follow a 5 point or 7 point Likert scale so that the qualitative responses can be converted into quantitative data for analysis. In addition to the questions, the comments of the employees can be noted separately so that different perspectives which can’t be revealed by data can be known. On the questions, advanced data analysis techniques such as regression, factor analysis, cluster analysis and hypothesis testing would be used to generate useful insights. To measure the level of employee engagement, I would also contemplate engaging Gallup which is one of the oldest consulting organizations in conducting engagement surveys. Alternatively, I would use Gallup Q.12, the 12 question survey prepared by the company for measurement (Vazirani, 2007). The same is shown in Appendix 1. 4. Identifying and analyzing the problems The analysis of data would help to identify the problem areas. A certain threshold score should be used for each area to accept or reject it as a problem area. After this the root cause analysis of each problem must be done using 5 Whys approach or Fish Bone diagram. Also a gap analysis needs to be performed at this stage to identify the distance to be travelled for transition from current level of employee engagement to future desired level. 5. Developing an employee engagement strategy Employee engagement strategy would be developed by considering hierarchical needs of employees across 3 levels- basic, intermediate and advanced. The basic level includes meeting employee needs regarding safe working conditions, goal setting, training, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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