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Assertive people can help other coworkers by inspiring them to improve their performance at work. Contrary to the virtues of being assertive being aggressive at work most of the times lead to bad results. All professions in the 21st century are changing due to a variety of factors, thus professionals have to pursue a higher level of excellence by educating themselves on the latest trends, regulations, and research associated with their careers…
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Work Skills. Business Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages People that have bachelor’s degrees can become proactive by seeking a professional degree or a master’s degree. The globalization movement has shifted a lot of jobs from the developed countries to the emerging economies. Workers in many professional fields are facing competition for jobs from foreign candidates as the United States has become more proactive in giving work visas to foreigners with specialized skills. To build a success team in the workplace the first step is to find a good leader. Teammates that are not able to communicate well or connect with each other diminish the chances of synergy ever being achieved by the group. The use of technology in the workplace has allowed employees to become more productive. Technology has helped improve the working conditions of disabled people which increased the job opportunities for this special group of people (Cohn, 2000). Introduction Employers look for employees that are assertive because assertiveness can help workers make better decisions. Aggressiveness is not a desirable trait recruiters seek in their employees. A person that takes a proactive career approach has a better chance of succeeding than people that are inactive and passive. The globalization movement has changed the workplace forever as diversity increased and international labor competition threatens the jobs of many blue collar American workers. Synergy is a characteristic present in many successful teams. Technological advancements increased the efficiency and productivity of employees around the world, but it also increased the pressures of workers due to higher managerial expectations. 1. Being Assertive instead of Being Aggressive at Work Being assertive is a great attribute to have in the workplace. Assertive people are characterized by making bold and confident statements (Merriam-webster, 2011). They can help other coworkers by inspiring them to improve their performance at work. Managers and leaders in the workplace tend to be assertive people. The majority of successful entrepreneurs are for the most part assertive people (Adams, 2001). Employees that are assertive tend to be more motivated and their actions improve the corporate culture of a firm. Companies should target assertiveness as a desirable characteristic in the employee recruitment process. Assertive employees can outperform passive employees because they are more active and motivated. Contrary to the virtues of being assertive aggressiveness at work most of the times lead to bad results. Aggressiveness often leads to miscommunication among the workers. The perception that someone is being aggressive can create tensions in the workplace. Aggressive managers are not able to connect well with their employees. Normally an employee feels threaten by a manager that displays aggressive behavior. Yelling in the workplace is an example of an aggressive undesirable behavior in the workplace. People do not speak back when aggressive co-workers interact with them for fear of retaliation (Lloyd). Sometimes aggressiveness can work in a person’s favor. During a negotiation process is better to take an aggressive stance in order to gain a psychological advantage over the other party. Overall I would rather have an employee that is assertive than an aggressive worker. When aggressiveness is not controlled by a person it can implode and lead to disasters. Physical violence can occur when an aggressive person loses control of his emotions. Managers should incorporate anger management training in order to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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