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Business ethics question set 2 - Assignment Example

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1. John and Mary have contradicting positions in regards to performing prayers in school grounds. Religion is often a controversial topic. A fair compromise to resolve the ethical dilemma would be for the school to allocate a time slot for prayers in a private conference room…
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Business ethics question set 2
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Download file to see previous pages 2. The best solution to this ethical dilemma is to continue to work and hope that is recognized. It has been clearly established that the company is paying a good salary. In today’s tough job marketplace nobody can afford to quit simply because the other workers are slacking off. The fact that they get paid the same money as me is irrelevant. It is not my job to judge the work of the other employees since I am not the manager. Eventually the company is going to realize that I am performing at a very high level and a promotion is a high probability in the future. 3. I am for the death penalty. Some crimes deserve the maximum punishment possible. A serial killer that kills 20 innocent people deserves the same predicament that his/her victims encountered. I think the application of the death penalty should be reserved to special cases in order to minimize the possibility of an innocent person been sentenced to the death penalty. The death penalty should exist in order to make criminals think twice before committing horrible crimes. Another crime that is deserving of the death penalty is terrorism. There is no room in American society for terrorists. Osama Bin Laden recently indirectly received the death penalty when the US military penalty killed him in their attempt to capture him. 4. If the burning of coal by the United States is causing pollution and environmental damage in Canada the US government should immediately investigate the matter. The agency in the US that deals with environmental protection is EPA. EPA must immediately start an investigation to determine if the claims from Canadian authorities are true. The results from the investigation or audit should be revealed to the Canadian government. If the claims are false the investigation will resolve the matter. On the other hand if they are true then the US congress has to step in and create new legislation to protect the environment by regulating the amount of coal that is burned by US companies. 5. I think that this phrase is completely biased. All United States citizens have a right to privacy. An example of a secret a person might not want society to know is a person’s sexual orientation. A gay person might prefer to keep his sexual orientation a secret in order to avoid discrimination. A second example of a secret a person might not want others to know is the amount of wealth a person has. For instance an individual that won the lottery might prefer to keep this fact a secret to avoid being targeted by criminals. 6. The employer has the right to monitor all phone calls, emails, and other communications in the workplace. This is not a violation of privacy because during work hours the employer is paying the employee money to perform a particular duty. Any personal calls or communication should be monitored to ensure that people are not slacking off at work. From a business perspective this practice is a sound business practice because it serves as a control mechanism to maximize the efficiency of the workers. Any employee that feels that such a practice is a violation of their rights should talk to the human resource department about the issue. The employee might have special circumstances that require constant communication with a family member such as having a child that is hospitalized due to illness. 7. In the United States 49 out of 50 states have laws that require drivers to wear seatbelts (Enotes, 2011). I believe that this law is justified since its purpose ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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