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Hackney Homes - A Strategic Report - Essay Example

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HACKNEY HOMES- A STRATEGIC REPORT Executive Summary In this report, a strategic analysis of Hackney Homes is done using relevant academic models. Porter’s five forces analysis show the organization not in a competitive position. The credit crunch made it difficult for the landlords to make developments on the building and work on nonperforming assets rapidly unlike the early 1990s…
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Hackney Homes - A Strategic Report
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Download file to see previous pages Many recommendations are made for improvement of the organization in this report. Table of Contents Content Page Number Introduction 4 The Company 4 Competitor Analysis 5 External Environment Analysis 8 Overall Environment 12 Conclusion and Recommendations 14 References 16 Hackney Homes-A Strategic Report 1. Introduction Hackney Homes is one of the most famous organizations in UK which manages the council homes there. In this report, a strategic analysis of Hackney Homes is done using relevant academic models. Based on the definition by Waal (2007), the success of an organization needs to be evaluated based on its targets as well as the strengths and weaknesses .The targets are examined by mission and vision statements and the strengths and weaknesses are evaluated through internal and external analysis. The various positive (opportunities) and negative (threats) external factors influencing the performance of an organization are evaluated through external analysis. This analysis is very relevant for assessing a company’s present situation in order to develop new strategies or change existing strategies by making use of the opportunities and threats to the company. In this report, the services offered by Hackney Homes, its targets and strengths and weaknesses are examined through different academic models. The report has six sections. Section two discusses the targets and services offered by Hackney Homes. Section three discusses the competitive environment of the company. Section four analyses the external environment of the company .Section five examines the overall environment of the company. Section six concludes the report and makes recommendations. 2. The Company The main services offered by the company include management of council homes, rent collection as well as repair and maintenance of these homes (Hackney Homes, 2011a).Community service is the main aim of this organization. According to Collins and Porras (1996), the mission statement of a company gives its important ideology and visionary components. The three major components of the mission statement are generally identified as the committed core values, core purpose and the visionary goals to be followed by the firm to fulfil its mission. The mission of the organization is to ensure the delivery of homes to people which are excellent, accessible and high quality homes (Hackney Homes, 2011b).It works as an agent which manages the Hackney Council. It was formed in 2006 as a subsidiary of Hackney Council and is formed as an Arms Length Management Organization called ALMO (Hackney Homes, 2011b). Based on the mission statement, the main objectives of the company include provision of services which are excellent and accessible, delivery of modern homes, sound management of homes and neighbourhood improvement. The main values of the organization include service, honesty, achievement, respect and pride (Hackney Homes, 2011b). In the next sections, the competitive position and the general and specific environment of the company are examined using relevant academic tools. 3. Competitive Analysis According to Coulter (2005), there are both specific environment, like customers, competitors, suppliers etc which influence directly the company’s strategic decision and general environment like political, economic, social and technological sectors that indirectly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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