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Case Study for the Complete Care Repair - Research Paper Example

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Case Study for the Complete Care Repair Overview and Problem Definition Jason is an entrepreneur who has developed a Complete Care Repair business. He helps to repair laptop and portable computers. He has recently returned from a trip to Austin in order to understand how MindWriter, a company that he is interested in servicing works…
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Case Study for the Complete Care Repair
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"Case Study for the Complete Care Repair"

Download file to see previous pages Research Problem The research problem has many angles because there are several problems with MindWriter. Some of the problems that have been seen are discussed here: There is a call center that is able to answer questions for customers who have a malfunctioning product. They have an 800 number to call and the call center can answer service, support and ordering questions. Unfortunately these are the only questions they can currently answer. When a person calls in, the call center must take the name, number and address from the customer as well as the Mind Writer model number. The technical representatives with this information will then ask question to understand more clearly the nature of the customer’s problem. They will attempt to resolve the problem on the phone if they can. The challenge is that they cannot answer every inquiry on the phone. Some of the things that need to be researched include: 1. There are employee shortages and training new technical representatives is time consuming and does not always happen in the time that they are needed. 2. The courier does not always pick up and deliver the products as they have spelled out in the contract with Complete Care Repair. 3. ...
Complete Care Repair will need to research to find where the problem really is and do something more to help it. Purpose of the Study The purpose of the study is to define how Complete Care Repair can help MindWriter understand their problems and eradicate them. Some of the issues they will need to understand better in order to help MindWriter include: 1. Check with the courier company and see whether this is the best one for MindWriter to use. 2. Will the repair aspects of Complete Care Repair that include the diagnostic and sequencing areas need to be refined? 3. Does the technical director need more training or is there a need for the staff to have more training in this area? 4. Is there a problem with packaging? Can it be resolved if there is a different type of package created? 5. Is there a need for repair centers closer to where MindWriter operations are or should repair happen on site? These questions will guide the research into how Complete Care Repair can help MindWriter. Research Objectives Then research objectives will be to find out more information about MindWriter in order to help them. Specifically, there needs to be a thorough examination of the entire company in order to identify the problem areas. After Myra and Jason came back from Austin, they were able to identify several areas where there were problems. These areas need to be examined more closely. The research objectives will include: 1. To examine the call center to understand how they work with customers. We will want to identify what is working and what is not working. 2. To examine the packaging to see whether this is the most appropriate packaging or whether there are alternatives that would keep the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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