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BizCafe Business Case - Coursework Example

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Running head: Biz-Cafe Business Case Insert Name Insert Insert 5 August 2011 Biz-Cafe Business Case Mission statement for the start-up business The mission of the firm is to provide our customers with professional and courteous service by selling remarkable coffee at fair prices and maintaining a clean and comfortable space for our customers and staff…
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BizCafe Business Case
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Download file to see previous pages The business targets a large number of customers, some of whom prefer take-away, while some host meetings as they take their coffee, hence need for a bigger space. Jane should have not relied on students totally, as they have classes to attend to, which would compromise running of the business. Hiring qualified staff who can work full time while students take over after school would be a good measure that ensures business efficiency. However, the cafe business is viable in the market, since it is at an appealing location. While purchasing equipments, one has to keep in mind that customers have different tastes and preferences, and in this new era, a modern up-to-date restaurant is preferred by many. I would purchase the new green furniture at $4,000, since they provide an attractive and private atmosphere. In addition, I would prefer the new 4-cup espresso, which costs $6,000, as it has a high capacity and it is fast to make, thus would ensure efficiency while serving many customers. The decisions made on the type of furniture and coffee espresso will yield to high costs as opposed to Jane’s choice. ...
Rationale for the Business: Each business must have strategies in order for it to survive. With the advancing technology, businesses adopt new strategies that enhance survival through a competitive advantage. A business can attain a competitive advantage through cost leadership, whereby, it becomes the lowest price for its products but still maintains the product’s quality. Product differentiation is another strategy that ensures that a business provides unique services or products as compared to its competitors, thus attracting more customers (Hitt, Ireland & Hokisson, 2009 p117). The cafe name is “never enough cafe,” a name has a motive of attracting customers who are curious of how special is our coffee, such that, one can never have enough of it. The new green type of chosen furniture aims at attracting customers as it has a sense of style in it. The 4-cup automatic espresso aims at serving more customers at once, hence avoiding long queues, or inconveniences to customers. The staff will be paid according to the number of hours worked; however, a manager must work full time and must be punctual. The staff will be paid well to avoid quitting, which results to inconveniences. When employees are paid well, they are motivated. Therefore, this tool will be used by our business in order to attain a competitive advantage. In marketing strategies, the cafe seeks to utilize the 3-cup sizes instead of one cup; as a result, the cafe is considerate of different classes of customers, as each cup has its price. This is a competitive strategy as other restaurants concentrate on one size of cup only, of which the price is definitely fixed and high. However, different sizes of cups give a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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