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A comparative analysis between Franklins Caf and Caffe Nero - Assignment Example

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The aim of this essay paper is to make a comparative analysis between two organizations that have the same industrial background.In this paper, compare and contrast are being done between the two firms Franklin’s Cafe and Caffe Nero…
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A comparative analysis between Franklins Caf and Caffe Nero
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Extract of sample "A comparative analysis between Franklins Caf and Caffe Nero"

Download file to see previous pages The analysis is done mainly with respect to the two important topics relevant in the organizations. The topics discussed are done mainly on the basis of the case study that helps to answer question like which one of the two organizations would one prefer to be a customer and an employee. This essay paper not only states which organization one would want to be an employee and a customer, but also states the reasons behind the decision one makes. In order to make a decision it is very important to study the topics relevant to the organizations like the organizational communication, cultures prevalent, power and control, design and structure, politics and resistance, conflict etc. The topics here are discussed according to the various organizational and management theories. Organization analysis and behavior is a very important topic of study in the context of management. Organizational analysis is a process which is used to study the performance and the efficiency of an organization by studying the systems and the functionality that is existent in the organization. Organizational analysis leads to the understanding of the organizational behavior which involves the study of the organizational design and culture that is prevalent in the organization. ...
The cafe has a very strong employee base and has around 3000 employees in the firm. The main intention and philosophy behind the establishment of the cafe is to provide a cozy and warm atmosphere towards its customers. The firm considers its linchpin of the brand as its coffee and also states that its highly committed employees are another great strength. One of the main reasons behind the committed employees is that they make the best choice of employees from world over. Similarly, the management of the Caffe takes an interest in the recreational activities of their employees. The Caffe is conscious about the health of its customers and provides the nutritional chart which allows the customer to weight the coffee options available to them. The cafe is also environment conscious which is understood through its efforts to recycle wastes in the cafe. Franklin’s Cafe: Franklin’s Cafe was started in 2006 by Fiona and Henry Owen as a small coffee shop but very soon it was segregated into two business groups with one on the Franklin street and the other on the College street. Fiona and Henry along with the management and leadership skills of their son Ed initiated new, less expensive steps to manage both the cafes. At the present, they serve not only the customers with coffee but under the Franklin brand they also sell to their customers tasty foods like Ciabattas, salt beef, soups, cakes, ice creams etc. Their main tagline is the food, which have the authentic Franklin taste and are affordable by most of the customers. Another main strength of the Franklin’ brand is that they provide both drinks as well as snacks under the single name of Franklin. There are separate staffs, who take care about the food that needs to be supplied and in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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