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ASDA Company - Assignment Example

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When looking at businesses such as ASDA, it can be seen that there are differences in strengths and weaknesses, dependent on the responses to the external and internal environment. …
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ASDA Company
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Download file to see previous pages The political changes which are currently associated with businesses are based on finding ethical and legal ways to approach those that are requesting trends and changes. The main political agenda is based on fair practices of businesses while ensuring that fair employment, work strategies and structures for high quality products and services are made available. The regulations which are associated with this are based on corporate overhauls that are causing most to be looked at by the federal government and from other ideologies, specifically in association with how one should confront the environment and needs of the time. Most businesses are now being looked at in terms of politics with pressures to change because of government trends with fair business (Wagner, 2011: 1). For ASDAs, the approach has been to make the main statement based on a business that has fair practices and complies with the current trends associated with corporate standards and ethical practices. This main advantage is one which has been developed by branching out of Wal – Mart which is known for unfair practices. By doing this, there is the ability to create an association with the political trends while making the statement of compliance as a main regulation associated with the federal government.
Economic Analysis
The second major change that is being noted is with the economic changes and trends which are occurring. This began in the year 2008 with the real estate crash that led several banks into financial distress. The economic crisis continues to cycle with smaller crashes and recoveries that keep taking place. This is leading to job loss, problems with sustainability with demand and supply as well as difficulties with many being able to spend excess money on different options. It is noted that the industrial sector has begun to rise from this problem; however, there are some smaller downfalls that are leading businesses to continue to have smaller problems in terms of economy for employees and with changes in demand by consumers (Reuters, 2011: 1). The approach which ASDA has taken to this is to offer lower prices without other costs. The main initiation is to attract individuals that need flexibility with the economy while making sure that the overall system doesn’t use as many options for costs, specifically to save within the internal environment while offering lower prices. Social Trends and Changes The associations with social trends that are now in the market are based on conscious consumption. Most in society are interested in corporate governance and ethics that cause the corporations to be responsible. If this is not withheld, then many will stop using or supporting the business. The concept of social responsibility involves looking at knowledge with the corporate structure and functions of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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