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Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation" aims to analyze the goals and objectives of Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation which is a renowned multinational company in the field of research, development, and marketing of a wide range of drugs…
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Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation
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Extract of sample "Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation"

Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation I have selected Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation (NPC) for my SLP Project. The corporation is a renowned multinational company in the field of research, development and marketing of a wide range of drugs. The core mission of NPC is to provide the needful cure to the afflicted humanity. NPC is a U.S. based pharmaceutical company with worldwide operations and business support. The company has provided many information resources online which can be used to generate a comprehensive report on its mission, operations, management and business. There are two basic sources that I have used for this report and which can provide sufficient information for the SLP Project. These two sources include the company website (Novartis, 2011) which can be explored on the basis of the country and business. This enables to focus the study of the company to one of its several businesses in a selected region or country. The company has a well structured and well maintained web presence and lot of company news and reports are available online. The second source is the company’s annual report for the year 2010 (Report, 2010) which can be downloaded from the corporate publications section of the company website. The company mission encompasses the three major areas of interest the first being the discovery, development and marketing of drugs, then the growth objectives being the business side of the mission and lastly the welfare of its employees. (Report, 2010). The first objective of the mission is achieved through targeted research activities supported and maintain by the Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research. The ideas identified here are further polished and developed in the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development and then the finalized solutions to cure the sufferings of the humanity are turned into Novartis product line. The objectives of the growth and welfare go hand in hand throughout these stages. The company’s goals and objectives are in line with its mission and all initial goals and objective contribute towards the final mission of the company. A more than 50.6 billion dollar sale in 2010 provide Novartis the solid financial grounds to support its research activities, fulfillment of commitments towards people, patients, communities and environment. This not only contributes in the making of a corporate citizenship face of the company but share holders also yield an increase of 5% in dividends. Novartis portfolio is widening rapidly and recent mergers and business purchases are a symbol of company’s confident march towards success. The fruit of this growth reaching end to end and employees’ commitment towards the growth of the business marks this fact. (Report, 2010). Aforementioned short description of the company helps us to conclude our discussions with a sufficient insight into the scale of Novartis business and operations. This helps us to select the company for the SLP project and preparation of a detailed case. Moreover, the available sources of information can lead to in-depth study of the company which is the most exciting part of any SLP project. Works Cited Web Publications Novartis. “Innovation is the essence of Novartis Mission.” Company Website, 2011. Web. 23 July, 2011. Report. “Novartis annual report 2010”. Company Website, 2011. Web. 23 July, 2011. Read More
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