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Marketing on the web in terms of marketing for e-commerce business initiatives - Term Paper Example

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MARKETING ON THE WEB IN TERMS OF MARKETING FOR E-COMMERCE BUSINESS INITIATIVES Marketing on the Web in terms of marketing for E-commerce business initiatives Author Author’s Affiliation Date Abstract With the emergence of internet, the world has turned into a global village…
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Marketing on the web in terms of marketing for e-commerce business initiatives
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Download file to see previous pages This paper analyzes the term ‘marketing on the web’ in terms of marketing for e-commerce business initiatives. In this competitive business world, e-commerce and e-business are becoming an essential part of business strategy and a powerful catalyst for profitable business development. Additionally, the use of latest information and communications technology (ICT) based tools in business has changed the way businesses communicate with their employees and customers. In addition, the incorporation of information and communications technology into the business improves the business performance, encourages superior customer contribution, facilitates mass customization, and minimizes business expenditures (Schneider, 2006) and (Andam, 2003). In this scenario, internet marketing can be an important tool for the businesses. The marketing using internet is referred as internet or web based marketing. Normally, this term is used to explain the methods through which companies make use of WWW (World Wide Web) in an attempt to promote their businesses, their products or services (SRS Solutions, 2011). Additionally, with the emergence of latest internet supported tools and technologies, differences between customary marketplaces and the worldwide electronic markets such as business capital size, among others are slowly being lessened down. In this regard, business promotional strategic positioning is the other name of competition. Normally, it is the capacity of a business to make a decision regarding new opportunities as well as make use of the required human capital abilities (like that intellectual resources) to put together most of these openings in an e-business policy that is trouble-free, realistic and viable according to a worldwide information environment and recent economic situation (Andam, 2003) and (Schneider, 2006). In this scenario, internet presents unique benefits to the companies for their marketing arrangement; however its basic purpose is to distribute company’s information and media at a minimum price. Seeing that, what it offers to the businesses in scenario of communication demonstrates that now business communications are speedy as well as time-saving. Additionally, internet marketing incorporates both innovative aspects and technical features, consequently websites with great artistic merit and functionality are born (SRS Solutions, 2011). Objectives of Internet Marketing Currently, electronic marketing or web based marketing is turning into a large set of business components that can be used by an organization to increase its earning, despite the nature of the business, whether it works online, moderately online, or totally offline. In fact, it totally depends on a company whether it utilizes internet marketing as an element of a company’s marketing strategy or not, however in general, internet marketing is becoming a most significant fraction of almost every company's marketing mix. Additionally, majority of online businesses choose internet marketing for the marketing of their products and services. Fundamentally, internet marketing is used to perform one or more of the following tasks: (Duermyer, 2011) To distribute a company’s information regarding itself, its services, or its products online. To perform research to understand the nature (preferences, demographics and requirements) of old and prospective clients. To market and sell services, products, goods ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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