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Information Systems supporting the Department of Human Services - Assignment Example

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TITLE: Information Systems Supporting the Department of Human Services Author Name: Name & Section Number of Course: Date: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This report discusses the importance of Information System and its significance in supporting various other services through a variety of applications…
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Information Systems supporting the Department of Human Services
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Download file to see previous pages Basically, organizations are segmented into different departments. Further, these departments are specified according to their roles and functions as well as these functions on a broader dimension are further supported by other business processes that shape overall structure of an organization. Now, it is very important for us to understand the role of Information System as a basic component in an organization as it enhances the abilities and adds value not only to an organization but also to its customers. The use of Information System mainly depends on the nature and the needs that are required to be addressed in meeting the objectives within an organization. It is worth mentioning that an organization is comprised of different systems which are inter-related with each other as well as the role of effective information and its usage among these systems is directly associated with the process of quick decision making. It is highly imperative for the organizations around the world to establish an effective and more comprehensive Information System that would help them in achieving their goals with increased work efficiency. TABLE OF CONTENTS Contents: Introduction: 3 Business Process of the Functional Area: 4 Creating Financial Statements: 5 Financial Operations: 6 Financial operations work on the basis of these statements as these statements show the performance and the financial needs of the organization. This also helps the organization to evaluate the potential of their operations and their financial capability that would further assist them in generating more funds and fulfilling its needs and other requirements. Financial operations estimate the potential or other possible resources through which they can generate funds. -Investing cash: 6 INFORMATION SYSTEMS: 6 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems: 7 Management Information Systems: 9 List of References: 11 4-Samuel, M. (2010), “The Direct Link between Business Results and Organizational Culture”, viewed on 17 July 2011, <> 11 6-Kehinde, T. (2010), “Effective Information System” viewed on 17 July 2011, 12 8-Business Local Listing, (2009), “Advantages of Business Process Outsourcing” viewed on 17 July 2011, <> 12 APPENDICES 12 Introduction: To understand the importance and functioning of an Information System, it is very important for one to understand the structure of an organization. An organization consists of different groups and departments working together for achieving an organization’s goals and objectives. Organizations can be classified on the basis of their goals and structure. However, we cannot deny the fact that a balanced synchronization within the different departments and systems leads to smoother operations which results in overall success of the organization in the long-run. Functional Area: Basically, organizations are consisted of the functional areas which are inter-lined with each other as well as they are also responsible for achieving the goals of an organization (Jiang 2009, p.156). In large organizations, it is easy to differentiate between functional areas as they operate in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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