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Performance Evaluation Rating - Assignment Example

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The paper “Performance Evaluation Rating” discusses performance evaluation, which aims to assess the skills displayed by an employee and accordingly judge the performance. Currently, the company put more emphasis on evaluation workers on the relationships…
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Performance Evaluation Rating
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Download file to see previous pages Another point of concern is that the ratings given by supervisors may be biased. A person may be an excellent worker but may have differences with the supervisor. This would result in him received bad feedback despite displaying excellent end – results in work. Another point of concern is that people may be work shirkers and at the same time develop cordial relationships with colleagues and bosses. This appraisal system will not judge the person on the skills performed and he will still receive good rankings. On the other hand, a good worker who is unable to please colleagues and bosses may receive poor rankings. This will lead to frustration and people may even leave the organization in the future. Performance of an employee can be evaluated by following some common criteria. In order to assess performance, a set objective must be given to each employee at the start of the year. Depending on the achievement of both short – term and long – term goals, the performance of an employee can be judged. Some of the most common criteria for judging the performance evaluation of an employee are as follows: 1. Skill and expertise in performing a task – One of the most common criteria is the skill and expertise shown in performing a task. This may involve critical issues like problem-solving and decision-making skills. Meeting deadlines and meeting up with the quality and service standards are also included in this. 2. Behavioral aspects – the behavioral aspects of an employee should also be taken into consideration while judging the performance of an employee. Cordial attitude and good rapport with staff. A leader should encourage the followers to perform a task in a proper way, assumes responsibility for finishing a task and is accountable for the losses made due to his or her decisions. Keeping things organized and maintaining good relationships with subordinates is also a common criterion for performance evaluation. 3. Verbal feedback of the superior is also an important criterion for performance evaluation. There should be a face – to – face interaction between the superior and subordinates in which the superior suggest areas of improvement and also rates the subordinate on his or her performance. 4. Performance evaluation criteria must not be biased and should be impartial and fair. The supervisor should try to judge the subordinate depending on the work performed and the behavioral traits have shown towards a work. He or she should not give the wrong ratings due to individual differences. The current organization does not take into account the performance of the engineer. Here the supervisor found that the current performance evaluation was indeed biased as it did not take into consideration the positive traits that the engineer displayed in matching deadlines and attaining a certain task to perfection. Hence the current performance evaluation systems need to be altered as it does not consider all of the above mentioned common criteria to evaluate the performance of an employee. All in all, performance evaluation should be a judicious mix of qualitative and quantitative aspects displayed by an employee in his workplace. (Weiss, Brennan, Thomas, Kirlik & Miller, 2009). The feedback method which entails taking into consideration the opinions given by superiors, peers, and subordinates in the performance appraisal of an employee is known a 360 degree. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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