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Madoffs Ponzi Scheme - Essay Example

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The paper “Madoff’s Ponzi Scheme” seeks to evaluate a Ponzi scheme that took away near about 50 million dollars from his clients through his firm Madoff Investment Securities. Harry Markopolos, an independent financial investigator developed serious doubts about the marketing strategies of Madoff…
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Madoffs Ponzi Scheme
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Extract of sample "Madoffs Ponzi Scheme"

Download file to see previous pages Still it took a long time to assess for the authorities to verify that it was a Ponzi scheme. It was one of the most cold-blooded, deliberately devised and implemented Ponzi scheme. This fraud had serious impact on people’s view about investment. All investors start viewing investment firms and charities with a lot of suspicion and firms faced a considerable fall in business. The only positive element was the fact that it acted as an eye-opener for both the authorities and the public. While public became aware about the need to be careful about the promises of unbelievably high returns, the authorities too understood the need for new statutes to prevent such frauds. Madoff’s intentions still remain a mystery It still remains a mystery why such a prominent figure who was well aware about the movements in the market and also about the implications of such a Ponzi scheme decided to implement such a devilish idea that caused irrevocable loss to many people. It is yet to be resolved as to why he went on paying the withdrawals if he wanted to cheat the investors. In addition, Madoff tried to hold back the firm’s imminent fall ten days before his arrest by receiving a huge sum of 250 million dollar from a close friend (Frank and Efrati). It seems closer to insanity that he admitted that his scheme was a Ponzi scheme and that he did not invest any money as had promised. However, it seems a calculated move that he managed to keep all his family members away from legal complexities by taking the responsibility of the fraud all to himself. One has to assume that seeing his irrational behavior, all other members managed to secure their position by avoiding any position in the company that involved the responsibility of money management. However, a man who could con the authorities and auditors for nearly two decades could easily devise a better plan than this Ponzi scheme if he wanted to. Thus, it still is to be ascertained as to why he chose a Ponzi scheme, the outcome of which he knew pretty well. The best assumption possible is that his extreme wizardry might have turned him insane. I. What are the ethical issues involved in Madoff case? One has to admit the fact that the Madoff’s system was unethical in nature from head to toe as the scheme was a Ponzi scheme. While attracting the investors, Madoff was well aware of the imminent failure of the scheme. All financial experts and even common investors are well aware of the fact that Ponzi scheme always fail due to its own weight as such schemes require an ever-increasing flow of money to pay the retiring and withdrawing clients. Once the inflow of fund diminishes, the system collapses. 1) Misusing the office of trust The first element of unethical practice is in Madoff’s misusing his position of repute in the society. He was an educated and experienced person in a position of trust, respectability, responsibility and trust. The aura of authority he created in this field is evident from the list of his clients including influential people, big organizations and even banks. Some of them were The Fairfield Greenwich Group, Tremont Group Holdings and Westport National Bank. All his investors gave him money on the belief that there were many checks and balances to make his investment plan legitimate.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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