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The definition of culture in different and distinctive ways - Essay Example

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REFLECTIVE DIARY Name Institution Introduction Over years, scholars from various professional and cultural backgrounds have defined culture in different and distinctive ways. However, scholars have universally agreed that, culture is a collective programming of children’s and community members mind in order to distinguish them from others groups in the society…
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The definition of culture in different and distinctive ways
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"The definition of culture in different and distinctive ways"

Download file to see previous pages To a great extent, culture defines the manner in which people behave and react to different and emerging issues in the society. Cultural behaviours varies from one individual and community to another depending on the existing rules and regulations as well as the manner in which community members value their beliefs. Cultural believes are as well the main parameter that is used to define gender roles and responsibilities. Despite being influenced by the existing rules and regulation in a society, culture content is also defined and determined by geographical background, main occupation in the society, social practices, religious believes, the manner in which a society socialises its children as well as the size and the demographic shape of a society (Hofstede, Neuijen, Ohayv & Sanders, 2011, p. 287). Dimensionalizing Cultures The manner in which some of the basic concepts that defines culture is described in Dimensionalizing Cultures aspects have demonstration the actual and real state of affairs in modern society. After studying the concept Dimensionalizing Cultures in classroom setting, I concur with the founders of the concept that, culture is the main pillars in social existence. Both conventional and modern societies are to a great extent shaped and defined by the existing cultural believes and values. Although other emerging factors such as civilisation and technological development have significantly transformed modern culture, traditional believes and practices have a considerable role in defining the manner in which people in modern society behave in political, social, and economic context. Scholars who participated in designing and defining Dimensionalizing Cultures as well ought to be recommended and acknowledged for effectively linking this concept with modern development and transformation. According to founders of the concept, Dimensionalizing Cultures, cultural believes and practices are consistently affected by emerging social and economic development. Moreover, based on the available statistics, there are considerable behavioural differences between people who live in economically developed society and those who live in less developed society. For instance, in conventional social settings, women were restricted from engaging in any economic and social activities. They were supposed to stay at home and perform domestic activities and chores. However, modern civilization has significantly transformed the way in which women are valued and treated in the society. Women in modern society are actively involved in modern economic development. In addition, women in a good number of modern societies have assumed leadership and management position in the society. This therefore means that, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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