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For the purpose of this assignment "Macro Environmental Analysis for Strategic Management", Alan Firmin Ltd will be analyzed. It is a transport and logistics company operating not only in the United Kingdom but also in also internationally (Brian 2000, p.98)…
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Macro Environmental Analysis for Strategic Management
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Download file to see previous pages Alan Firmin Ltd explains what mission, vision, goals, objectives, and core competencies are. In most companies, it is difficult to distinguish between missions and visions. However, the two have a difference if one does a proper analysis. While the mission focuses on what the business intends to do currently, vision focus on future achievements. For instance. Alan Firmin Ltd has a main mission of delivering goods and services to the customers at the right time while mitigating environmental pollution. Its vision has been to ‘become a global transport and logistics company.’ however; vision is an extension of the main mission of the company. In most cases, companies may have missions but no vision (Fahey 1999, p.87). To achieve the mission of the company, objectives and goals become imperative. Objectives objective ways or strategies, which the business must use to reach the mission of the business. Objectives are related to goals with the only exception being that the latter is more refined and specific to the mission of the company. Core competencies are the things that a given company or organization is able to perform with ease. There are also the strengths of such a company. In Alan Firmin Ltd for instance, the main core competency has been delivery of services to the clients at the right time. The company has been in existence for a long time and therefore has the experience needed to provide quality services.
Strategic planning is a long process involved in focusing on the overall assessment of the company. The main questions are ‘what needs to be done, why, to whom and when?’ the aim is to make the company more effective and competitive in the market. It is the process where rational objectives are highlighted to assist in achieving the mission and vision of the company.
The SWOT analysis and PESTEL are the most suitable planning techniques or tools used to achieve the strategies. In the first category, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the business are analyzed. Under this, the competitor analysis, for instance, can provide a company with strategies needed to make the business more competitive. PESTEL involves the analysis of political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors, which may affect a business.
The economic downturn has contributed to many challenges within the world of business. For the 2007/2008 economic depression prompted many companies to downsize in order to reduce the cost of operation. On the other hand, companies had to reduce the scope of their businesses due to reduced revenue. However, companies should go beyond their normal business activities and include others that are closely related (Lorenzen 2006, p.56). The selected business activities, however, must reduce the cost of operation and increase business revenue. For the purpose of this company, two main activities ought to be included within the strategic structure. Outsourcing and construction of large warehouses are the two main activities proposed. The two play an important role in providing the business with a competitive edge over its main competitors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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