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Project management as a process of planning, arranging, motivating, and controlling resources - Essay Example

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT Table of Contents Introduction 3 Change Management 3 Critical Analysis of Dimensions of Change 4 Kotter’s 8 Stage Model 5 Critical Analysis of Kubler Ross Stages of Dying 7 Risk Management 9 The Process of Risk Management 10 Critical Analysis of Risk Management Process 11 Team Building 12 Critical Analysis of Team Building Process 12 Conclusion 14 References 15 Introduction Project management is a process of planning, arranging, motivating, and controlling resources so that the project can be completed within defined quality, scope, time and cost constraints…
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Project management as a process of planning, arranging, motivating, and controlling resources
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Extract of sample "Project management as a process of planning, arranging, motivating, and controlling resources"

Download file to see previous pages Change management takes into consideration the critical analysis on dimensions of change, Kotter 8 stages model, psychology of change, personal and structural power, need of planning and what are the reasons for the failure of the change management. Risk management deals with managing the risk which is associated with project. This paper will mainly focus on identifying different types of risk and the key factors in managing risk, different ways to manage risk and describing the risk management process. In terms of team building, the main focus will be on the process of team building, identifying the different roles required in a team and identifying the methods of team management. All these approaches will lead to project management in order to accomplish a successful project and therefore to produce a specific result in the organisation. Change Management Organisational change management is a framework for administrating the effect of new business processes and the change in the organizational structure within an enterprise. It is an approach to shift teams and individuals from present to required future state. It refers to part of project management process where project changes are formally introduced and accepted. The goal change management is maximisation of benefits and minimisation of impact of change on workforce without distraction (Sharma, 2006, pp.23-30). The process of change management can be summarised from the following change management diagram, (Source: Sourcingmag, 2012) Critical Analysis of Dimensions of Change There are two dimensions of change management namely organisational dimensions and individual dimensions. Organisational change is motivated by business survival, potential competitive advantage, improved efficiency and external factors. The external factor like introduction of new policies or economic downturn might compel a company to change from existing state. Most of the organisational changes are created internally. All level of managers can initiate change. For instance, middle level manager can plan to reduce cost, frontline managers may apply new technology and senior managers may amalgamate the company with other organisation. Individual resistance to change depends on the organisational culture, security, economic factors and individual characteristics such as personalities, perceptions and needs. People with high need for security resist change because it intimidates secured feeling. Changes in job tasks create fear in workers when their pay is linked to productivity. They also have fear of not being able to learn a particular task. Such fear is known as the fear of the unknown (Hellriegel and Slocum, 2007, p.459). Kotter’s 8 Stage Model Kotter eight stage model provides eight processes to evade common problems that trouble even simple change efforts in an organization. Skipping a step or making a crucial mistake within the step can have a crippling effect on the success of change initiative. The eight stages can be summarised as follows: (Source: Ivey Business Journal, 2008) Establishing a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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