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Evaluation Methodology Basics: The Details of Sound Evaluation - Essay Example

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An essay "Evaluation Methodology Basics: The Details of Sound Evaluation" reports that there are many studies that currently show how consumers with different characteristics respond to different brands inspired by different factors; some of these studies are reviewed in this study…
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Evaluation Methodology Basics: The Details of Sound Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages The results will be analysed in SPSS and the differences between the two groups compared. Mostly, it is found that the international students are less ethnocentric in their purchase behaviours compared to their local counterparts. Introduction In recent years there has been a dramatic change that a majority of the modern brand product appeared on the market. The internet has provided consumers with a greater area of choice in choosing their preference and brand production they like to their own needs and requirements. What is more, student population cannot be ignored as they are used to follow the steps of new fashion elements. These changes have created new dynamics in the process of consumer decision making. The purpose of this research is to identify the key influences that affect student’s purchase decisions as well as the most significant factors in respect to brand consumptions between international and local female students. In the course of these events, the consumers focus on some specific stimuli more than others, which is the perceptive selection. Subsequently, the consumers relate certain importance to the stimuli in the process called ‘interpretation’. This process is affected by a number of relationships, which consumers construct depending on their needs as well as experiences. The process of perception can be related to the perception of branded products, which could be linked to some particular geographical place or not linked any, and which are influenced by the consumers’ traits such as lifestyles, opinions, beliefs, and values among many others. Other factors that play important role in the selection of specific brands by the consumers include product characteristics such as price, brand and physical features; and the place where the product is sold including product display and the terms of layout, just to mention but a few (Solomon and Stuart, 2005; Silvera et al. , 2008). The perception of local products is influenced by scores of factors. In some cases, such products can be viewed as representative of heritage and culture, commercial presentations, history, tradition and authentic places, all of which shapes a consumer experience with a certain location (Kolar and Zabkar, 2010; Morris and Kirwan, 2010). A number of researchers including Dimara and Skuras (2003), van Ittersum et al. (2003) and Mattiacci and Vignali (2004) acknowledge the importance that the consumer attaches to products linked with certain regions or places. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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