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British Petroleum is among the top international oil and gas company which aims to provides the customers with energy required for light and heat, fuel required for transportation, petrochemicals product and retail services for everyday living…
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British Petroleum
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Download file to see previous pages The business model of BP aims to generate value for the hydrocarbon value chain. The process usually starts through exploration and ends with energy supply (BP, 2012). In 2011, the growth in global oil consumption slowed although robust growth continued in China and other non OECD countries. Despite the slowdown average prices of crude oil were however higher as compared to previous years (BP-a, 2012). BP facts and figure indicates a stable growth where its sales and operating revenue stood at 83,400. The core brands of BP are Castrol, Arco, ampm, Aral and Wild bean cafe (BP, 2012). The paper deals with the above mentioned organization, British Petroleum and discusses the organization in much more detail in order to analyze the company structure its work process, the strategy the organization is currently following and future plan along with its competitive advantage which keeps the company ahead of its competitors. Structure of the organization BP organizes the business in a way so that energy products are and services which are required by the people around the globe are served at an appropriate time and as per the needs. The business model of BP aims to create value in the value chain process and as stated above it starts with exploration and ends with supply of energy. The organization of BP consists of marketing and refining, upstream, people of BP and their values and alternative energy. The upstream usually finds, develops then produces and transports natural gas and oil to the market. BP operates in around 26 countries and it employs approximately 84,000 employees. The major markets are Russia, USA, North Africa, UK, Asia, Canada, Middle East and others. The marketing and refining teams are responsible for trading, supplying, transporting, refining, and also for marketing the products. BP has 17 refineries and it markets them in 100 countries the role of R&M plays an important part. BP constitute of approximately 83,400 people, contractors and suppliers in the organizational chart. BP value lies in safety of the people, respect for the world, excellence through disciplined management and systematic operations, courage to face difficulties and the team, where the employees trust each other (BP-b, 2012). The following is the organizational structure of BP headed by Robert Dudley Figure 1: Organizational structure of BP (Source: The Official Board, 2012) Entrepreneurship BP has also encouraged entrepreneurship among women through its commitment towards upliftment and gender equality. BP Southern Africa entered into partnership with the “Women Development Trust” to provide the women with a stable platform to secure success in the business sector. BP was encouraged by the determination and passion of the women towards their approach for their business and was highly pleased to get associated with WDT who has also contributed towards the transformation process and success among the women entrepreneurs. At the government level, BP has taken various steps in order to advance the position of women in the society and thus encourage the women to take part in business and create business environment. In addition to the above discussion, BP had also developed corporate entrepreneurship model after the most troubled period in 1980s and has managed to develop the brand as a global energy company and has added renewable energies in its portfolio. In an attempt to re invent as a supplier for all forms of energy BP has thus adopted a corporate entrepr ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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British Petroleum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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