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Business communication: personal language history - Essay Example

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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: MODULE CODE: LEI3006DL ASSESSMENT 1: PORTFOLIO BY NAME: CLASS: PRESENTED TO: DATE: Part A Unit: Introduction – Personal language history My parents came and lived in Asia so for the better part of my life I never had the opportunity to interact with other languages…
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Business communication: personal language history
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Download file to see previous pages Though my parents had a moderate understanding of French having worked in a Multinational Corporation, they opted to use mother tongue and could hardly grasp foreign languages whenever they used it. They were afraid of introducing a foreign language lest I lost my identity as I quickly grasped a foreign language (Barron-Hauwaert 2004). In fact, I used to be annoyed with my mother when I ask her what she was saying in that foreign language and she would respond, “Young one don’t mind you will get to know when you grow up.” This I must say liberated some curiosity and desire in me that one day I must learn some foreign languages if not one. Like most kids of my time, I joined early childhood at the age of 4 years where my first language was taught as the official language in the country. While foreign languages were taught from an early age depending on which school one went to, the native language was used as the official language. For the first time, I felt I should thank my parents since learning other things in the curriculum become easy for me. French and English were common in most schools and anybody who had a good command of either language was respected. While my first language was a bit first, the two were rather slow and hence one was more audible with considerable variance in pronunciations. However, teachers encouraged the use of the native language to foreign languages. I started learning French at the age of seven in class three so that I could communicate like my parents. Translation and use of pictures and learning guides was most common but grammar based and communicative modes were used in advanced stages. In campus, I had to take English as it was considered the most dominant language in the world. Foreign languages were being encouraged as a way of getting a better job and preparing students for a diverse cultural work environment as a result of globalization. My dialect is that I speak in a harsh pitch and very fast in my first language. When recorded, I just feel like am shouting and not audible. By learning and speaking English my voice and eloquence improved. I have an accent where words appear to come from the back of the tongue unlike English where most words come from middle and front tongue. I like using the phrase ‘I mean.’ Unit 1: First Impressions Task 1: Developing a personal language (English) development plan (for 1 ? years) Broad Objectives Specific objectives/ strategies Measurement/ indicators Timelines To Improve Reading skill 1. To improve my reading capabilities for textbooks and journals 2. To continuously read newspapers and fiction books as guides to improving my reading skills 3. To translate articles from my first language to English and vice versa 1. Number of textbooks and journals read every week 2. Newspapers and fiction books read daily 3. Number of articles translated per week First 8 months To enhance my Writing skills 1. To improve writing skills by frequently submitting articles and letters to editors 2. To learn more about writing styles for different occasions 1. Number of articles submitted per week 2. No. of writings styles learnt and applied 1. Writing styles learnt within 3 months 2. Submitting articles by 4th month To improve my listening abilities 1. To socialize and network more to improve my listening skills 2. To watch TV news and watch films often to understand word choice and pronunciations. 1. No. of social gathering per day 2. TV news ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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