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International business strategy of Nokia Corporation - Dissertation Example

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International Business Strategy of Nokia Corporation Abstract International business plays an important role in the development of the global economy, because it provides the goods and services that improve living standards and fuel growth. Various multinational corporations have set up operations in diverse territories around the world, all of which have their distinctive cultures, lifestyles, technological and economic development, and political dispensations…
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Download file to see previous pages The study adopted the strategy typology and strategy orientation framework developed by Isoherranen & Kess (2011), where the organisation is categorised as Defender, Protector, Analyser, or Reactor, according to its particular strategic characteristics. A sample of 100 respondents was asked to accomplish the survey questionnaire based on the Isoherranen-Kess framework. The sample was comprised of 50 managers, suppliers or consultants working in or with Nokia in China, and another group of 50 similar participants working in or with Nokia in the UK. The dissertation found that based on the answers of the respondents compared against each other, a different strategic approach was employed in each of the subsidiary operations. The diverse business environments in different localities demanded flexibility and adaptability from international businesses. The parent organisation or central headquarters must factor into its strategic management the ability of overseas units to respond with its own level of strategic prerogatives to the demands of the host environment. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Chapter 1: Introduction 6 1.1Chapter overview 6 1.2Background of the study 6 1.3Theoretical framework 7 1.4Statement of research aim and objectives 8 1.5Statement of research question and sub-questions 8 1.6Significance of the study 9 1.7Assumptions of the study 9 1.8 Scope and delimitation of the study 10 1.9 Chapter summary 11 Chapter 2: Literature Review 12 2.1 Chapter Overview 12 2.2 International Business Strategy 13 2.3Historical information about Nokia 16 2.4 Nokia’s global strategy 19 2.4.1 Nokia organization 20 2.4.2 Nokia’s market trends 21 2.4.3Comprehensive View of Nokia’s strategy 22 2.5 Nokia’s China strategy 24 2.5.1 The strategic importance of China to Nokia 24 2.5.2 Brand performance 25 2.5.3 Product and service design 26 2.5.4 Advertising 27 2.5.5 Research and Development 27 2.6 Synthesis and critical insight 29 Chapter 3: Methodology 34 3.1Chapter overview 34 3.2 Research philosophy and strategy 34 3.3Description of research model and variables used in the study 36 3.3.1 Market orientation in strategy 37 3.3.2Product orientation in strategy 38 3.3.4Strategy orientation characteristics 40 3.3.5Strategy typology characteristics 41 3.3.6 Strategy Analysis Framework 41 3.4 Procedural model used in the study 43 3.4Data collection method 44 3.6 Sampling method 45 3.7 Data gathering and analysis 46 3.8 Reliability and validity of the data 47 3.9 Limitation of the methodology 49 3.10 Ethical considerations in the conduct of the research 51 3.11 Chapter summary 52 Chapter 4: Data and Findings 54 4.1 Chapter overview 54 4.2 Respondent profile 54 4.3 Strategy Orientation Characteristics 59 4.3.1 Strategy focus 59 4.3.2 Value Creation 60 4.3.3 Operational driver 61 4.3.4 Culture 61 4.4 Strategy Typology Characteristics 62 4.4.1 Product –Market Domain 62 4.4.2 Operational Driver 64 4.4.3 Organization 65 4.5 Summary 66 Chapter 5: Discussion and Conclusion 69 5.1 Chapter overview 69 5.2 Discussion 69 5.3 Conclusion 72 Bibliography 73 Appendices 77 Chapter 1: Introd ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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