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This study aims at examining the relationship between customer satisfaction and the quality of services by making use of Taj hotels. The paper analyzes if customer satisfaction can make a customer return to a hotel or recommend a guest to use the hotel…
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Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, offering good quality services leads to word of mouth recommendation resulting in the increased popularity of a business. The quality of services becomes a more important factor in the hospitality sector. There are assumptions that customer satisfaction is the most reliable indicator of the quality of services. However, there are disagreements on whether hotels should focus on measuring the service quality or the customer satisfaction when determining the areas to improve on.  Background Literature Related to the Problem There are different perspectives regarding the relationship between quality of services and customer satisfaction. Some people argue that satisfaction is a precursor of the quality of services. Others claim that service quality results in customer satisfaction. Different methods have been used to examine how service quality relates to customer satisfaction. ...
The level of satisfaction towards a service or good is determined by the perceptions of the consumers or customers. Moreover, satisfaction is crucial in the hotel business since it determines the capability of a hotel to attract new clients or retain the existing ones. Some hotels such as Taj have created ways of getting feedback from their clients to enable them to measure the customer satisfaction towards certain services. This is crucial since the hotels are able to identify areas that require improvement and work on them. Improved service delivery results in the improvement of the overall image of the hotel. Additionally, the quality of services in a hotel can be measured through determining the perception of the customers towards the tangibles such as food. Most customers will determine the quality of a product by considering the price. This enables them to determine if a product is worth a given price or not. According to Nagadevara (2008), the hospitality industry greatly relies on word of mouth communication in getting new customers as well as retaining the existing ones. If a customer’s checks into a hotel and is satisfied by the services offered, they are likely to share the experience with their friends who might visit the hotel to enjoy a similar experience. On the other hand, a non-satisfied customer is also likely to share the experience with friends, which will result in the development of distaste towards the hotel. One factor behind the success of Taj hotels is the customer satisfaction. There are different factors contributing to customer satisfaction. One such factor is the beautiful architecture of the hotels that have made them be considered iconic. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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