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Business on Google Inc. in China - Term Paper Example

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Google Inc. In China Table of Contents I.The Pre-Analysis 3 II. The Situation 3 III. Analysis 4 A.Situational Analysis: 4 B.Organizational Analysis: 8 C. Societal analysis: 10 IV. The questions for the key issues in the case study 10 V. The Analyst Position 10 e.Bibliography 12 I…
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Business Term Paper on Google Inc. in China
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Extract of sample "Business on Google Inc. in China"

Download file to see previous pages However, the company took a considerable time and effort in order to understand how its search technology could work effectively in China and thus made adjustments accordingly. The author has the perspective that even though the company appeased censors in China, but it maintained the personal information associated with the web blogs and emails outside the Chinese territory, which was different strategy of the company in comparison to its competitors. However, it might create the bias as it is better to provide access to information to users rather than make them completely devoid. 2. My Perspective : ¶ The knowledge of the motto of the motto of Google Inc. ‘not to be evil’ and the mission of the company which is to organize the information of the world and make it universally useful and accessible is violated in terms of the decision of the company to comply with the filtering regulations of Chinese authorities. The possible bias from the author’s perspective could be overlooking the motto of the company to gain a market share in the growing market of China by compromising with the ethical perspective of freedom of expression. B. Bracketing: ¶ ‘Previously acquired information about the corporate image of the company and how it is superior to its competitors in terms of putting user benefits first.’ This previous information is set for bracketing so as not affect the analysis. II. The Situation A. Facts: ¶ Informal corporate motto of Google ‘don’t be evil’. 2002: Blocking of and very slow speed of the search engine due to non-compliance with Chinese censorship laws. 2006: China’s attempt to move away from the communist model and declaring its commitment to outside reforms and Google’s initiative to look more at its global strategy. Establishment of strong surveillance system by Chinese government. Making the internet service providers in China comply with censorship rules for getting license. Offering, a local version that complied with censorship issues Criticism worldwide for giving in to the bullying of the Chinese government. B. Historical context: ¶ 2001: China joined WTO abolishing market impediments and giving positive signals to the world. 2004: IPO by Google leading the shareholders to have a more say in activities of the company. Governmental and self censorship by the Chinese authorities for internet service providers in China. Google’s non compliance with censorship laws in 2000 that made the website shut down for 2 weeks in 2002. Announcement of launching that complied with censorship laws. C. Quotations: ¶ “While many companies claim to put their customers first, few are able to resist the temptation to make small sacrifices to increase shareholder value. Google has steadfastly refused to make any change that does not offer a benefit to the users who come to the site” (Martin 5). This shows bias of the author he mentions the previous conduct of the company to relate to presented case scenario. III. Analysis A. Situational Analysis: 1. ¶ Key principal parties involved in the case are Google Inc. Director of International Business, Tom Mclean, and Chinese authorities. McLean headed the development of Chinese version of its search engine in order to cater to the needs of its users in China by first developing the US based technology wherein it did not require complying with scrutiny and internet filtering regulations of the Chinese autho ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Term Paper on Google Inc. In China Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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