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Critical Success Factors of Mobile Tea Sexy Dolly Trolley - Case Study Example

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The paper "Critical Success Factors of Mobile Tea Sexy Dolly Trolle" presents the business plan of this company. The original intention is to take the concept of the event or occasion catering and add a new theme to it, with a unique differentiation point that focuses on the service…
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Critical Success Factors of Mobile Tea Sexy Dolly Trolley
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Extract of sample "Critical Success Factors of Mobile Tea Sexy Dolly Trolley"

Download file to see previous pages The catering business is already a popular option for entrepreneurs with owners shifting from standardized fares and themes to more novel ones to gain a competitive advantage (Pace, 2011). For Mobile Tea Sexy Dolly Trolley the risqué image will help them stand apart from other competitors. The business will be established as a partnership with all management activities carried out by the partners, while the staff will be there to provide the actual services. The partners have both have had previous experience in the service and food industry but this will be there first venture as entrepreneurs.

The first thing which will catch the consumers and the stake holder’s eye is the name of the business itself; the name Mobile Tea Sexy Dolly Trolley has been decided as it immediately informs that the business is in fact a themed catering service with some very unusual components. It is the catering service that will make heads turn and create a stir where ever it visits. As the name suggests the ‘Mobile Tea Sexy Dolly Trolley’ catering will be limited exclusively to the provision of Tea and tea variants, served from old-style Dolly Trolleys by glamorous and attractive staff. Along with the tea will be suitable snacks such as dainty sandwiches and quaint biscuits- but no other types of food will be included. The focus will be on the experience that customers will get, enjoying the pampering attentions of our staff as the tea and snacks are prepared or set in front of them.

The business will be unabashed and direct in the declaration of its main attraction: the staff. The business aims to cater to mainly an adult and mature audience who can appreciate the experience and not dismiss it as something improper or a throwaway fad. Premium charges will be taken for the services of our staff and the aesthetic quality they will bring to any event. It will be a novel experience for anyone to watch and enjoy the condiments served by the highly efficient, polite and charming men and women working for us and even though it may not be considered as a regular service to hire, they will want to indulge in the experience a few more times. The core target groups for our services will be adult parties, dinners, corporate team building activities, and office catering.

We understand the need for corporations and businesses nowadays to keep their employees interested and motivated in the workplace. The lunch hour is a necessary right for the worker; it provides the time to relax, take nourishment, socialize or even work to clear that backlog (Tahmincioglu, 2012). For management who want to provide some revitalizing entertainment for their employees along with the extra food choices, Mobile Tea Sexy Dolly Trolley can be the business to hire. Our staff will create a buzz in the office, give everyone plenty to talk about in the coming days and provide nourishing and comforting tea right at the desks of the workers. The mobility is one of our biggest strengths, as the products can be carried everywhere easily and prepared without much hassle. For the employees, this will amount to the convenience of delivered food and the enjoyment of the company of some very good looking people! ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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