Importance of ERP systems for its success in the business environment through solutions - Dissertation Example

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Importance of ERP Systems for its Success in the Business Environment through Solutions By [Name of student] [Presented to] [Name of institution] [Date] ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Knowledge is in the end based on acknowledgement- Ludwig Wittgenstein The success of any effort is dependent on the level of individual enthusiasm and support and cooperation offered by others…
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Importance of ERP systems for its success in the business environment through solutions
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Download file to see previous pages The constant support and guidance helped in gaining multiple perspectives and understanding over the research topic. The researcher would also like to thank his professors for offering profound insights on the research topic along with helping in forming deeper understanding over the research topic. The researcher feels proud of his University on offering all the possible help and support by allowing access to the library and electronic sources. This helped in exploring the research area in a systematic manner. The help and support of family and friends often act as a support system and the researcher would like to thank his family members for being there and supporting him during the research process. Their constant motivation and guidance helped in being positive and enthusiastic while conducting the research. The researcher feels happy to state the significance of friends in terms of offering critical views and opinions along with helping in thinking differently through logical discussions. The support and cooperation of friends helped in gaining multiple insights over the research topic along with being critical in assessing personal understanding of the research topic. Overall, the researcher would like to thank everyone who has been a constant support and medium of motivation in the research process. ...
The introduction chapter introduces the research topic along with stating the aim, objectives and research questions. The chapter also explains the scope of the research topic along with highlighting its rationale. The literature review helped in investigating the elements of the ERP along with exploring its benefits and risks in the competitive business environment. The literature review also helped in investigating issues and reasons resulting in the success and failure of the ERP systems. In order to explore more, a robust research methodology has been designed using positivism research philosophy and deductive research approach to analyse secondary data and information. The findings and analysis revealed that ERP Systems succeed mainly because of the organisational culture and support, cooperation and acceptance offered by internal stakeholders. The case studies of Dell and Fox Meyer revealed that Dell succeeded in its ERP implementation mainly because of effective and judicious planning while Fox Meyer failed because there was no planning and human resources were not trained or skilled enough to handle the challenges and complexities of ERP systems. Overall, it was concluded that in order to derive benefits from ERP systems, it is important to understand the use and purpose of ERP along with assessing the organisational culture and stakeholders’ acceptance for the ERP Systems. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1.Introduction 5 1.1introduction 5 1.2 Research Aim 6 1.3 Research Objectives 6 1.4 Research Questions 6 1.5 Research Topic within the Current Academic Literature 7 1.6 Relevance of the Research Topic 9 1.7: Contemporary Nature of the Study 10 1.8 Summary 10 Chapter 2.0 Literature Review 11 2.1 Introduction 11 2.2 Elements and Modules of ERP 11 2.3 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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