Business Plan for Cafeteria in the Food Industry - Assignment Example

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This paper will present a business plan for start-up enterprise selling fast foods within the food industry by means of food processing and retail. According to Gilbert (1999), business with no plans experience slow growth with minimal annual profits…
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Business Plan for Cafeteria in the Food Industry
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Download file to see previous pages The food industry is a global collective of diverse and complex business supplying food energy consumed by large populations all over the world. Food industry captures almost everyone except subsistence farmers who rely on the yield of their farms. I am venturing into the food industry because of its wide scope, which will ensure maximum sales. Recent studies document that food industry is wide and consist of variety of services including regulation of food quality, lobbying activities in the industry, and food safety; nutritional education, food technology research and development, agriculture, financial services, food processing, distribution through wholesale or retail and marketing. The food enterprise will sell fast food by means of retail and food processing (Dodds, 2009). This enterprise will use many methods of food production. Some of the methods will be; one off production in which customer makes specification with every order before preparation for delivery, batch production to take care of the large market size with a variety of food products. Mass production method will also be used due to the mass market for the identical food products, and just in time production, where the customer chooses what they need to be incorporated in their foodstuffs and then the chefs freshly make the food according to the specifications (Gilbert, 1999). This is the kind of enterprise I need to develop a business plan for and this paper will capture all the content necessary ranging from the executive summary, product description, market and competitors analysis, marketing plan, organizational plan, operational plan, financial plan, and a critical evaluation of the industry. Hence, this paper seeks to develop a business plan for a fast food cafeteria, sole proprietorship. The name of the fast food enterprise is Rooda Cafeteria. The cafeteria will serve a wide range of people ranging from Italians, British people and tourists from Italy and other places who wish to taste authentic Italian food in London. Rooda Cafeteria will be located at Marylebone Lane, London. This is because of the presence of various financial firms’ and brokerages and means many potential people with refined taste who visit this location over lunch and dinner hours. Business Plan Executive Summary Rooda Cafeteria is a sole proprietorship that falls within food industry in London. The cafe will develop a unique business operational model that will minimize overhead costs. The provided fast food products by Rooda Cafeteria will be fast served high quality Italian meals. The meals will cater for multiples and variety and will be freshly delivered faster than any other competitor in the industry. The domestic market, in the food industry, for fast foods is large and segmented with Italian foods representing the top most choices within the market. Rooda Cafeteria will target the central business district that gets crowded during lunch hours with high income individuals (Haschak, 1998). There are also financial firms, brokerages, shopping malls, local businesses, weekend markets and university compasses all over the place, which will be the targets to provide potential market to Rooda Cafeteria. The owner of Rooda Cafeteria has significant qualification and experience in fields of advertising, hospitality industry, and business management. This will ensure that the management of Rooda Cafeteria is well and productive. Rooda Cafeteria has good financials and this will grow with large positive cash flow. Revenues will as well grow annually as will ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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