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Business Law: Employment Law and Contracts - Assignment Example

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Business Law Date Business Law PART A: EMPLOYMENT LAW AND CONTRACTS Question one: Employment agreement An employment agreement stipulates the relation between the employee and the employer in a work environment; when the employer agrees with all the terms in the agreement form, he or she will be considered for a job (Gerbic & Miller, 2010)…
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Business Law: Employment Law and Contracts
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"Business Law: Employment Law and Contracts"

Download file to see previous pages All the employees will be engaged on a casual basis and this will be variable depending on the need to recruit more employees. As an employee of the firm, you will be charged with the duty of providing guidance to the customers of the business within the Hunua ranges and its environs; this at times may extend to outside the geographical region of the area as need may be. As said in the above article, the area of duties will be variable at times and the performance of extra duties will be paid for by the company. As an employee of Chookie Chow Ltd, you will be expected to work for six days a week, which will also be done on a rotational basis; depending on the choice of day by the employees, this must include all the days in a week. A day will have 10 working hours, starting at 8 am. This means that all employees are to work for 56 hours a week. The employees will be paid a total of $45,136 annually on a weekly basis unless otherwise communicated three months prior to the effective date in which changes will be made. If an employee is engaged in duties assigned by the company during public holidays, the employee (s) will be paid the equivalent of compensation for normal working days of the company. In the event that changes are made by the company regarding the terms of engagement of the employer, the employer and the employee will both meet and achieve consensus regarding the changes envisaged. The redundancy provisions will be activated in the event that the employees deliberately avoid acceptance of another contract by another employee or he or she is not offered any position by another employer. The employees are not allowed to make any public communications on behalf of the company unless it is authorized by the company. The employees will also be subjected to disciplinary sanctions appropriately regarding their unlawful behavior while operating in or on behalf of the company. As an employee of the Chookie Chow Ltd, you will be granted by the company a full time health insurance for the period you are lawfully engaged by the company. The contract can be terminated if the contract period expires or if the employee has grossly violated the principle cardinal rules in the company and this constitutes a criminal or civil offence. I……………………………… have personally read and understood unconditionally the content of this contract in the presence of …………………………………. And hereby append my signature to warrant acceptance of the agreement. Question Two: Prepare a Covering Letter To Managing director, Chookie Chow Ltd, Charlie Totara, Dear Sir, RE: EMPLOYEMENT AGREEMENT FOR CASUAL WORKERS This is following the firm’s decision to increase its operation in the Hunua ranges during this summer in a bid to advance our services in the relevant time. I also want this letter to capture your notice that people will be hired as casual employees. This should be construed that the employment will have to take place when there is absolute need for the employees. The dismissal of the casual employees will also be done without any notice as circumstances will dictate. Casual employees will also not be entitled to some of the privileges and terms that are unique for permanent employees (Koffman & Macdonald, 2007). It should also attract your attention to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business law- Contracts and leases making sound business agreements that can be enforced legally in the event of a dispute. Normally, a contract is enforced and governed by the laws of the country where it was made. In the United States of America, a contract is governed by two types of state laws, that is, the common law and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) (Bagley and Dauchy, 2012). Common Law Common law is a law which governs contracts for services and contracts that are not governed by the Uniform Commercial Code. Most contracts such as employment...
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