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Potential reviews on peer-reviewed journal articles related to the dimension of international entrepreneurship - Literature review Example

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International Entrepreneurship Literature Review Introduction The paper aims to render potential reviews on peer-reviewed journal articles and academic sources like books related to the dimension of international entrepreneurship. The concept of international entrepreneurship has gained significant importance owing to the emergence of a globalised economic system…
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Potential reviews on peer-reviewed journal articles related to the dimension of international entrepreneurship
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Extract of sample "Potential reviews on peer-reviewed journal articles related to the dimension of international entrepreneurship"

Download file to see previous pages However international entrepreneurial efforts to gain hold of significant opportunities are disturbed by certain factors limiting accessibility of the international entrepreneur to such opportunity zones. The paper relating to the above fact tends to reflect on the importance of opportunities and how the paradigm of accessibility enhances the value addition to the opportunity exploration activities of the international entrepreneur. International Entrepreneurship Baker, Gedajlovic and Lubatkin (2005) and Giamartino, McDougall and Bird (1993) observe that the concept of international entrepreneurship gains potential in the amalgamation of two distinct sets of studies relating to the domain of ‘International Business’ and ‘Business Entrepreneurship’. The main focus of the International Entrepreneur like the Regional or Local Entrepreneur lies in investigating, evaluating and thereby optimally exploiting the emergence of new opportunities in the global landscape. The international entrepreneur having gained sight of new opportunities relating to the specific or diversified business domain in the international arena tends to evaluate the accessibility parameters to the same. Thus business decisions are framed not only in terms of the opportunities sighted but also in the process of gaining optimal benefits related to such. Henceforth a successful entrepreneur not only endeavours to locate significant opportunities but also tries to evaluate the institutional and infrastructural support pertaining to the different international regions (Baker, Gedajlovic and Lubatkin, 2005, p.492, 496; Giamartino, McDougall and Bird, 1993, p.39). Plattner (2005) and Peterson (1988) remarks that the dimension of international entrepreneurship gains dominance in the light of globalisation. The emergence of globalization has led to the growth of enhanced cooperation pertaining to transnational boundaries thereby helping in the mutual growth of different nations. No nation in this globalized climate tends to operate in an isolated mode. Thus solutions to entrepreneurial and other issues are sought from amongst the cooperation and support rendered in terms of infrastructures, policies and opportunities by other global nations that work to form a mutual association like Commonwealth Nations (Plattner, 2005, p.510; Peterson, 1988, p.7). Probing for International Opportunities Czinkota et al (2011) highlights that international companies to become successful in the globalised scale are required to conduct an effective probe to the level of changes occurring in the external environment pertaining to different international regions. The international entrepreneurs to succeed in the highly competitive and changing global business environment are required to understand the pattern and level of alterations happening and thereby effectively adapt to such changes. Organisational managers are thus required to reorganise and restructure the business concerns to gain ease of access to potential opportunities and resources in the international business arena (Czinkota et al, 2011, p.25). The international entrepreneur in terms of Czinkota et al (2011) and Secor (2007) is not required to evaluate the characteristics or features of diverse international zones ranging across different geographies in a separate fashion. Rather the entrepreneur ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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