Why would a firm choose to trade internationally, reasons and the plan - Assignment Example

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Your assignments requires that you utilise at least six references in addition to your text, preferably including some journal articles. You may use no more than two URL Websites (This does not refer to journal articles)…
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Why would a firm choose to trade internationally, reasons and the plan
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Extract of sample "Why would a firm choose to trade internationally, reasons and the plan"

Download file to see previous pages Your assignments requires that you utilise at least six references in addition to your text, preferably including some journal articles. You may use no more than two URL Websites (This does not refer to journal articles) Background: Content Incontinence (CI) is an Australian Biomedical Company. It is a third generation offshoot business of a family controlled company. The founders, two German migrants with exceptional engineering skills have pioneered plastic injection moulding in Australia and have a worldwide reputation for their injection moulds. They supply industry worldwide with their products manufactured to precise specification in Australia. They have followed the Mittelstand philosophy of Germany's manufacturing sector. Two third generation members of the family have reached the pinnacle of surgery and pioneered new surgery and techniques to treat patients suffering from bladder and urinary tract illnesses and also from prostate problems including cancer. Their most recent treatment treats incontinence by inserting an artificial sphincter around the urinary tract to allow incontinent patients to control the emptying of the bladder. This is done by activating a micro chip inserted in a flap in the abdomen using a small device much like a remote control for a motor car. ...
facing the company is how to internationalize this new and potentially huge business. The traditional family approach of manufacturing and exporting to specification may not be the best way. The product is not just the hardware (artificial sphincter, controller, software and switching device) but the diagnostic techniques, the operation, the knowledge and experience. Your task is to answer the following questions in the context of this company Question 1: a. Why would a firm like this choose to trade internationally? State your reasons clearly and concisely.  b. Describe concisely the main types of international business this firm is likely to set up in the short term and long term. Give reasons for your choices. c. What does the term globalisation means in relation to this business? 1. a) Incontinence is the problem where the patient has a problem in controlling the emptying of the urinary bladder. It becomes an involuntary action where the patient complains of urine leakage (Minassian, Drutz & Al-Badr, 2003, p.1). There are many physical as well as psychological problems that can lead to it. Urinary incontinence occurs globally in huge numbers mainly affecting the female population. In a report it was found that UI was common in the white female population than in the black (Minassian, Drutz & Al-Badr, 2003, p.331). Apart from the European and the African continent, it is also prevalent in the Asian countries like India. A report in the newspaper The Hindu in India showed that a huge number of the people especially females suffered from the problem. More acute was the fact that these patients felt embarrassed to consult the doctor (Varma, 2012). It is here that the Australian company CI can establish its foothold. The company ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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