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The reasearch paper about Apple INC - Coursework Example

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Introduction Developed world is going through tough economic situation with overall economic progress slowing down and unemployment levels are on the rise. In such an economic environment, it is often difficult for organizations to maintain their competitive advantage and continue to enjoy the benefits they have been able to do so in the past…
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The reasearch paper about Apple INC
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Download file to see previous pages The overall external environment and other strategic factors become important to manage in order to lengthen the stay of each organization in a particular stage of its life cycle. Apple Inc is one of the largest growing companies in the world which has been able to withstand much of economic downturn. Over the period of time, it has revolutionized many industries and changed the very fundamentals of doing business in consumer electronics market. Duly supported by the visionary leadership of its late CEO Steve Jobs, Apple has become a new force in consumer electronics industry while dominating handheld music devices, smartphones, tablet PCs and other consumer electronics items. This report will be based upon Apple Inc, what advantages and disadvantages it has enjoyed during its growth phase and how it can deal with its external environment for maintaining its sustainable development and growth achieved during last few years. Apple Inc- A general Introduction Apple Inc was incorporated as Apple Computers Inc is a global organization engaged in the manufacturing, development and marketing of consumer electronics items. It also produces consumer software and commercial servers which are used for storage as well as for other associated purposes. Apple’s range of core products however, is based upon a portfolio of consumer electronics items and is most importantly I.T. oriented. Its flagship products include IPod, IPhone, Ipad as well as Mac laptops. (Levy, 2008) The IPod comes in different models and shapes and is used as an MP3 music player. It can be used to store and play music as well as movies. IPod is also connected with Apple’s music store with the name of ITunes where users can directly download the music and listen the same immediately on their IPods. It was also one of the main products launched by Apple which it started its journey towards hyper growth it achieved during the recent past. IPhone is a smartphone whereas IPads are tablet computers and are considered as the leading products of Apple Inc now. Advantages & Disadvantages of Growth The recent growth observed by Apple has brought in different advantages and disadvantages to its business. Over the recent past, following advantages and disadvantages have been enjoyed by Apple Inc due to its growth: A Dedicated base of Consumers Apple’s growth has provided it a dedicated base of consumers which are more loyal to it than any other brand offering similar products. Recent growth of the firm has actually provided Apple a loyal group of users who value its brand and remain stuck with what is offered by Apple. It has been able to sell over 1 million IPhones; over 300 million of IPods have been sold whereas Ipad is also a hot selling product. These figures suggest that Apple’s growth has offered it a dedicated base of consumers who are willing to buy different product ranges offered by Apple. Technology and Customer lock-in Apple’s growth is often attributed to its ability to design aesthetically good products duly supported by excellent engineering and designs. As Apple grew in its size, it has been able to tap into far superior technology which is not used by other competitors. It has been able to design products which are considered technologically superior with longer useful lives and are considered as more durable. This aspect of its business therefore has helped Apple to lock in its customers as users ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Reasearch Paper about Apple INC Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words)
The Reasearch Paper about Apple INC Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
“The Reasearch Paper about Apple INC Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words”, n.d.
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