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A Quality Management : Toyota Company - Research Paper Example

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A Quality Management Paper Name: Institution: Introduction The fast growing worldwide competition that many businesses and organizations have been encountering over the past years, linked with hasty changes in technology, and increase in a variety of products, have led to a new state of affairs whereby organizations and businesses must put up excellent principles of management, and technologies so as to remain competitive…
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A Quality Management Paper: Toyota Company
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Download file to see previous pages The continuous advancement of an organization’s process of operation plays a vital role in search of competitiveness in the long run. This is in addition to the alignment of functions, while employing strategic priorities. Continuous improvement reflects an organization’s course of continuous and focused incremental advancement (Crosby 1979, p. 36). This paper will look at the Toyota Company and analyze how it is applying Quality Management principles to increase its competitive advantages and become more profitable than other competitors. Toyota started most of the quality principles of business, for example, lean management, and Just-In-Time, which are currently fundamental principles of very many organizations all over the world. Toyota managed to win over detractors with its long-term strategy perseverance, in due course, overtaking many of its competitors and turning out to be one of the most profitable automobile companies worldwide in a short duration. Continuous improvement in Toyota entailed attempts to find and deal with the serious problems associated with the company. Continuous improvement ordinarily entails small-steps improvements or numerous incremental, as opposed to a single innovation that is tremendous. From a perspective of the Japanese, continuous improvement is the foundation of their culture of business (Stevenson 1999, p. 76). This is a philosophy that infuses the culture of the Japanese and also tries to progress all issues that relate to the process of transformation on a continuous basis. The process of continuous involvement takes in every person, labor and management, to find and reduce waste in labor, production techniques, materials, and machinery. Kaizen is a Japanese word that is used to refer to continuous improvement. Kai refers to change, while zen means pleasant or improvement. Even though kaizen is a concept that hails from Japan, many organizations from all over the world have employed it. There has been a significant amount of success to businesses that have mixed the kaizen concept with their business practices. This is enhanced by combining team work benefits with a person’s innovation (Cane 1996, p. 40). In addition, when the principles of kaizen and just-in-time are put together, they form the base for the lean manufacturing idea. Part A Quality management frameworks play a role to the success of an organization or business. The contribution of management frameworks is exhibited in many ways. Quality management frameworks like lean management and just-in-time have reduced the cost of inventory requirements. In addition, the management frameworks have helped in the repair of machines and equipment that has seen Toyota company increase its savings. Continuous improvements have been enhanced by the union and employee buy-in, formation of work teams that are led by employees, and advantages that are realized after execution of streamlined procedures and improvements put forward by employees. The success of any quality management framework depends on the improvement enhanced by the employees. Employees recognize the value and importance of instigating these different techniques because they are not forced to them by the management (Crosby 1979, p. 96). This also makes workers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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