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Of Adesemi Communications International - Case Study Example

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This report focuses mainly on analyzing the case of Adesemi Communications International. It aims to discuss what caused the organization’s failure, to evaluate the impacts of the country and market conditions on this failure, to understand the significance of social capital and network in entrepreneurship using this case…
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Case Study of Adesemi Communications International
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Download file to see previous pages In this case study, findings suggest that the reason behind the downfall is generally caused by the lack of experience. In particular, reasons of such failure are the cultural misunderstandings among the diverse workforce, the inexperienced and incompetent local business partners, the impatience of the quasi-governments who wanted to have their investments back, and the complete underestimation of the local government owning the national telephone company. Meanwhile, this analysis proposes that the impacts made by the country and market conditions were the most significant factor of the demise of Adesemi. Likewise, the case of Adesemi only shows that the company did not have a good pool of social networks and capitals that could have possibly helped save the company in those periods of crisis. From this experience, Monique Maddy, the CEO and founder of Adesemi, has learned the following insights. Firstly, cultural diversity must be transformed from a weakness to a strength through appointing an HR guru. Secondly, partnerships must be made not out of convenience. Thirdly, start-ups in developing countries should restrain from the type of investors who are just after the gains of the company. Fourthly, a patient and visionary investor with deep pockets willing to shell out money in times of financial crisis to save the company is needed in a third world start. Introduction Monique Maddy, a Harvard University graduate from Africa, dreams of being an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, she happened to achieve her goal once, when she had established and run her own company in Tanzania, the Adesemi Communications International. Such dream had started when she wanted to set up her own company on an untapped market in a developing country in Africa. It had begun with an aim of transforming and modernizing the information technology sector in Africa. She had achieved this dream through Adesemi via making it possible for the thousands of lower and middle-class Tanzanian families to gain access to affordable wireless communication services. Apart from that, as the company incorporated pagers, voice mails, and wireless pay phones, Adesemi had happened to launch the first fully integrated “virtual” phone system of the world in Tanzania. It is undeniable how successful Maddy was in establishing Adesemi. In addition to that success, the company was even financially successful and had $ 2 million annual revenue. Nonetheless, despite the case that it was on the verge of explosive growth, such success had come to an end when company was forced to shut down. In this regard, the focus of this analysis is mainly on the case of Adesemi Communications International. Specifically, it aims to answer four specific points. Firstly, its objective is to discuss the reason behind the failure of Monique Maddy’s Adesemi Communications International. Secondly, it targets to evaluate the impacts of the country and market conditions on the failure of launching a new innovation. Thirdly, using Adesemi’s case, it intends to understand the significance of social capital and network in entrepreneurship. Lastly, it points to identify what Maddy has essentially learned by the failure of her business venture. On the one hand, to examine Adesemi’s case is of significance for the reason that the learnings that can be obtained from this particular experience can aid the entrepreneurs as well as those who plan to set up their own business in the future, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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