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Strategic Thinking: Developing Critical Skills for the Pharmaceutical Leader - Assignment Example

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Business Strategic Thinking Executive Summary In this paper, a detailed strategic analysis of Nestle Pure Life (Water) in the business market of Pakistan will be taken into concern on the basis of assessing its current as well as future strategic positions along with different possible options…
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Strategic Thinking: Developing Critical Skills for the Pharmaceutical Leader
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Download file to see previous pages Nestle to establish itself as a leading name in the business market of Pakistan. Table of Contents 1 Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 Context 5 Business Context, Segments, Products & Competition 5 Indicators, Metrics and Valuation: KPI’s 7 Recent Performance 8 Summary of Purpose, Objective and Current (Or Recent) Strategy 9 Analysis of Market Environment 11 External Environmental Forces, Changes, Uncertainty, Competition / Competitor Analysis 11 Internal Resources; Core Capabilities / Competencies 14 Future Options, Analysis and Discussion 15 Examination of Possible Medium Term Strategies, Strategic Tactics 15 Analysis of Fit between Suggested Options, Organisational Culture and Context 16 Assessment of Possible Future Trends and Implications for Medium to Long Term Strategy 16 Conclusion 18 References 19 Introduction The aspect of strategic thinking is principally defined as a broader form as well as an innovative way of thinking which mainly concerns about the overall objectives of a particular business organisation. The concept of strategic thinking is also acknowledged as system thinking, forward thinking, problem solving thinking, longer-oriented thinking, critical thinking and also high-level thinking. The various applications of system thinking in relation to business include strategic planning, management and thinking. From the perspective of the application linked with strategic planning, the view of system thinking emphasises upon the overall course of the activities in a particular business organisation. In terms of the application associated with strategic management, the idea of system thinking emphasises upon recognising the best possible ways in order to run a particular business in a more strategic way. From the viewpoint of the application linked with strategic thinking, the feature of system thinking plays an imperative part in problem solving as well as project management on the basis of overall direction of the actions within a business organisation. In other words, it can be stated that the facet of strategic thinking assists the business organisations to think more about the business market environment, results, future, feedback and most importantly the objectives (Haines Centre for Strategic Management, 2006). The notion of strategic thinking in relation to a business facilitates to support the organisations to make effective as well as sound business related decisions while performing their business functions (Tahar, 2007). The perception of strategic thinking in relation to business emphasises upon developing as well as finding exclusive opportunities for the purpose of generating value by building effective coordination among those particular people who might have an influence on the overall direction of an organisation by a considerable level. In this regard, the perception of strategic thinking linked with business takes into concern few imperative factors. The factors include the skills as well as the competencies which enable to recognise various strengths along with weaknesses of an organisation that helps to generate exceptional competitive advantage. It also enables to recognise the probability of delivering several products and offerings which are offered to the business market as well as customers and to analyse business market environment along with related industry. Moreover, the other factors comprise the identification of target customers for the offerings ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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