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Transmittal of Project Report on Flextime Strategy - Research Paper Example

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FORMAL REPORT MEMO OF TRANSMITTAL DATE: June XX, XXXX. TO: Richard Chamberlain, Supervisor FROM: XXXX SUBJECT: Transmittal of Project Report on Flextime Strategy In response to the request made by you on June XX, 2012, I have completed writing the project report after undergoing a detailed research, both primary and secondary regarding the various factors related to flextime strategy…
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Transmittal of Project Report on Flextime Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages Solutions and its impacts on both the employers and employees of the company. Various factors included in this research study were about the different types of flextime policies implemented by some of the well reputed business firms in the world and its impact on the organization. Primary research was also performed through questionnaires designed to survey the employees of Health Tech. Solutions. Based on the findings and analysis of the research study, it is recommended that Health Tech. Solutions should consider implementing a flextime policy for its employees that includes 4-day work week with 4 out of 10 working hours every day available as flexible time according to the choice of the employees. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions associated with the project report or if you need any kind of additional information. I will try to assist you in every way possible. Enc. Project Report TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS 5 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 6 OVERVIEW 7 TYPES OF FLEXTIME 9 IMPACT ON EMPLOYER 11 Advantages 11 Disadvantages 12 IMPACT ON EMPLOYEE 12 Advantages 13 Disadvantages 13 FINDINGS AND ANALYSIS 14 Secondary Research and Analysis 15 Primary Research and Analysis 17 LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY 20 CONCLUSION 21 RECOMMENDATIONS 22 REFERENCES 22 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Table – 1: Preference for 4-day or 5-day work week 19 Table – 2: Preference of 8-hour days as working hours 20 Table – 3: Preference of 10-hour days as working hours 20 Figure – 1: Employees favoring work from home 19 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Flextime strategies have received a renewed attention in many of the companies all around the world. Health tech. Solutions is also thinking of implementing a flextime strategy in their company as suggested by many of the employees in the company. This research study deals with the problem statement about the various merits and demerits of a flextime strategy being implemented by an organization and its various impacts on both the employees and employers of an organization. Both secondary and primary research methods have been employed in order to conduct this study successfully. The different types of flextime strategies followed by five of the well reputed companies have been included in this study. Those companies include Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Sun Microsystems, etc. Primary research has also been performed which included a questionnaire survey of the employees of Health Tech. Based on the research it has been found that the flextime strategies adopted by most of the companies have proved to be very much advantageous for them. It has resulted in increased performance of the employees and reduction of the employee turnover rates. The information collected from the questionnaire survey suggested that employees had greater interest in having flexible working hours in their work schedule. Hence it is recommended that a flextime strategy should be implemented in Health Tech. Solutions. The flextime policy should include four days 10-hours day per week work schedule and would include 4 hours as flexible working hours for the employees. It is suggested that implementation of flextime strategy in Health Tech. Solutions would prove advantageous for the company since the performance level of the employees would increase and the company would be able to save significant amount of turnover costs. OVERVIEW The concept of flexible timing in work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transmittal of Project Report on Flextime Strategy Research Paper.
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