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Name Professor Subject Date Introduction This business proposal is comprised of nine sub parts. They all are designed and developed in a way to serve the objectives of this business proposal. The nine sub parts include the PESTLE analysis, business name, products and services, reasons for selecting the business, mission, vision, goals and objectives, organization structure, costing, marketing plan and feasibility analysis…
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Students eye careers in creating mobile applications
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Download file to see previous pages After analyzing the external environment, the business proposal focuses on the internal issues. The internal assessment requires different requirements such as business name and the products that shall be provided to the potential customers. In the similar fashion, the next part elaborates rationale and reasons that were used to select a particular business. Having entertained these objectives, the business proposal elaborates mission, vision, goals and objectives. Being strategic in nature, it was highly important to consider these factors before moving ahead. The PESTLE analysis The PESTLE analysis takes into account and evaluates external business environment. The political aspect of the analysis considers political dimensions of the external business environment. In the business proposal, the UAE’s political environment remains investment friendly and supports investment activities in the country. The economic analysis considers external economic factors which directly or indirectly affect businesses and their operations. It takes into account GDP rate, trade balance and so on. The social analysis considers social issues. It uses education, health, population and other indicators and evaluates them in the light of objectives. In the business proposal, the UAE education graph has been constantly increasing, showing the resolve of the UAE government toward the education cause. The technological analysis puts light on technology related issues. The UAE is experiencing a substantial growth in the IT and telecommunication industry. In this regard, the role and contribution of DSO has been remarkable towards the technological development of the UAE. The legal analysis takes into account the legal aspects that are prevalent in the external environment. The UAE has most efficient and competent judicial system. The environmental analysis describes environment-related issues. It takes into account pollution, CO2 emissions, green house gases and other issues affecting local or international environment. The UAE government has introduced EIA program. The main objective is to assess environment and factors affecting the environment. For that purpose, the UAE government has put in place strong measures. Business name, products and services This segment includes business name, products and services that the company shall provide to potential users. U-Phone Mobile Company Limited has been proposed name for the company. The company shall be registered with this name and having patent rights attached with the name. The proposed business shall offer numerous mobile applications development that include iPhone, Android, BlackBerry OS shall be used to develop different mobile applications. Reasons for selecting the business The purpose of this section is to highlight the reasons behind the selection of the proposed business and the proposed industry. It takes into account different angles and measures which are relevant to the proposed business and the proposed industry. This segment has a considerable significance in comparison with the other segments of the business proposal. First, it highlights the specific industry and its current business, marketing, demand and supply aspects of the business. It not only focuses on the mobile users, but also indicates the changing trends and patterns from the traditional use of the mobile services to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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