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Consumer behaviour: What is the impact of the new strategy on the brand - Essay Example

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Unilever is deploying a strategy that combines politics and marketing. A good strategy is expected to yield growth, profit, or to achieve whatever objectives the management have set, whereas an inappropriate one will lead to a disaster. Unilever is in the midst of strategic changes, the implications of which, has a worldwide impact…
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Consumer behaviour: What is the impact of the new strategy on the brand
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Download file to see previous pages Unilever is threading on dangerous waters because not everybody is in favour of same sex marriage. Changing its brand name is a unique strategy that would test the strength of its marketing strategy. The Unilever’s proposed marketing strategy is a novelty because it uses a gimmick to promote an advocacy, that of same sex marriage. The company is using the change image not just to sell the ice cream, but to promote the legislations. Same sex marriage is a government advocacy of UK; that even President Obama openly admitted he is in favour of.
Ben & Jerry ice cream is a brand known for innovativeness. It is a favourite brand and is listed as one of the best in London. The company has a successful global operation with sales coming from the USA, Europe and Asia. It has 750 franchisees as a scoop store worldwide. It is a company known for social consciousness, environmentalism and philanthropy. It contributes about $1.1 million yearly to philanthropic causes and good cause. Ben & Jerry retained this social consciousness despite takeover of Unilever (Marketing teacher, n.d) The Company sells colourfully named ice cream under different brand names, frozen yoghurt and novelty ice cream, and Appl-y everafter is only one of them.
This study evaluates the possible impact of the new strategy on the brand by discussing its goals, strategy, marketing plans, and consumer behaviour as there will be a total overhaul due to the change image. Framework of evaluation is based on consumer behaviour theory that is according to rationality, preferences, prices and budget constraints. It also discusses other criteria which is internal consistency, consistency with environment, appropriateness, satisfactory degree of risk, appropriate time horizon and workability. The brand positioning It would be helpful if we define the term brand. The American Marketing Association defines ‘brand’ as “a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's good or service as distinct from those of other sellers. A brand may identify one item, a family of items, or all items of that seller.” But the meaning of brand extends to intangible aspects as well, such as associations, feelings and experiences.(Marketing Power, n.d.) An article from Brandeo web(n.d.) argues that a brand can convince the customer’s purchasing decisions because it provides tangible and intangible benefits. Brands provide a ready comparison. Brands and positioning are relevant for successful marketing. So, it would be important to discuss here the brand positioning of Ben & Gerry ice cream. In this case the company’s brand positioning is a strategy that attempts to shape the perceptions and feelings of people about the brand so that they will see it as a solution to a specific need or want that they may have ( In product positioning , the company can modify its present form, but the problem according to Noseworthy, Theodore and Trudel, Remy (01 Dec. 2011), the changes are often incongruent with customers expectations. The completed positioning is implemented in the logo, and taglines of messaging. Thus, the transformation of Ben & Jerry’s brand is a representation of ideas, culture and values of targeted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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