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The Problems Faced by the Dealers of the UK Motor Market - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the research which was carried out by Amina. It was about the problems faced by the dealers of the UK motor market. While doing the project, Amina has devoted her time to collect the data rather than properly analyzing it, as stated by Dr Wang…
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The Problems Faced by the Dealers of the UK Motor Market
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Extract of sample "The Problems Faced by the Dealers of the UK Motor Market"

Download file to see previous pages The actual requirement of the project was to assess how organizations develop or modify their marketing strategy in the context of unexpected competition from the new players or new product launches by the existing ones. The supervisor has also added that Amina provided too many descriptions about the retail motor market of United Kingdom, which is irrelevant to the context of the project. He expected Amina to consider, for example, marketing mix elements such as product strategy, price strategy, place strategy, promotional strategy, etc. This was certainly the original requirement of the project. She also failed to provide information regarding the literature used while carrying out the research. One of the other biggest errors which were pointed out by the supervisor in the perspective of Amina’s project was that she did not mention any alternative means of collecting data and information. Dr Wang has expected that Amina will surely provide some necessary information about the secondary data collection, but the fact is that she has only stressed how she has interviewed the sales managers and senior sales managers of the main manufacturers who are handling the car dealers. She has mainly described the way or the procedure used in order to collect the data. After the conversation with the supervisor, she thought that Dr Wang had been a bit unfair to her and thought that her project was not as inferior as he had. She even discussed the incident with her roommates about how she has been a victim of prejudice. But with the course of time, Amina realized that it was absolutely her own fault and there is nobody else who to blame. She recalled what her tutors told about the way of carrying out a research project. Actually, the tutors of the institution advised the students that they should start the writing process at an early phase so as to maintain a logical flow of the project and to be able to deliver or submit the project on the stipulated time fame. The teachers also advised separating sections about the distinguished aspects of the project to merge them together at the end, keeping the proper logical sequence. And finally, she understood what Mr Wang meant by his words ‘your job as a management master’s degree student is to use theory to help to explain and even solve the management problems’. She understood that storytelling like a business journalist is a much easier task as compared to what she is currently undergoing. In other words, academic work is much more complex and painstaking task. The findings section of a project holds utmost importance, as this is the only section which reveals the outcomes of the projects. This section illustrates the main findings of the project. The content of this section will solely depend upon the methods or the chosen methodology of conducting the research. Quantitative research will lead to a number of graphs and charts; qualitative research, on the other hand, will lead to descriptive or lengthy statements. The finding of the project leads to the project result. And the rationale for the results section is presenting and illustrating the findings of the project (Ruf, n.d.). Since recommendations are always not needed for a project, findings section of a project is considered as one of the vital alternatives and an important part in the development of a dissertation. There are some situations when findings are considered as the best alternatives.
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This essay was always my weak point. I could never complete it successfully. Still, after I found this particular essay, I understood how it should be completed. So, I performed my research afterward and completed the essay in several hours, instead of months as it was previously.

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