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Case Study on Dish Network Corporation - Essay Example

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Dish Network Corporation is one the major player in the satellite broadcasting, cable services, video and high-speed internet facility. It is a public company and considered to be among the Fortune 500 companies. …
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Case Study on Dish Network Corporation
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Download file to see previous pages The company was among the first companies in the world to introduce the system of pay-TV services to its customers. The mission of the company is to provide best entertainment services at affordable price, add more entertainment channels and offer high value services such as high-speed internet. The company being large is facing certain problems such as employee dissatisfaction, few legal cases, high expenditure due to such legal cases, weak distribution channel, cut throat competition, entry of new companies in the industry and customer complaints with regards to service and payment issues. The company can create problem solving team also known as the steering committee to follow a step wise method for developing a business case. This would include the identified problems relating to Dish Network. The team would mention the problems and causes of the problems. Then alternatives solutions for the problems would be identified and proper cost/benefit analysis is done to check their viability. Feasibility analysis of the solutions is done to evaluate the economic, social, environmental and legal factors of the external and internal resources of the company. After testing the solutions on these scales, the final implementation is done. The implementation includes steps such as time allocation and preparation of work schedules to estimate the time frame of implementation. Then the last or the evaluation step is carried out. In this step the company analyses the affect of such implementation and formulates new guidelines for the company. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Company Overview 4 Business problems of Dish Network 5 Methodology 7 Position 8 Sense 10 Uncover 11 Solve 13 Build 14 Achieve 15 Conclusion 16 Reference 18 Bibliography 19 Company Overview The Dish Network Corporation is one of the largest satellite broadcasters in United States. The company provides service to about 14 million subscribers. The clients of Dish Networks are in hospitality sector, retail, restaurants, etc. They provide services like on-demand videos, local, international and specialty sports channels, blockbuster movies and pay per view facilities in addition to the basic program package. Dish Network as almost 34,000 employees. The corporate office of Dish Network is mainly based in Meridian, Colorado. The company provides internet and voice services through its partners. About 90 percent of the company is controlled by Charlie Ergen, the chairman of the company (“Is DISH Network a great company, or what”). The customers of Dish Networks can access hundreds of audio & video channels, international channels and Interactive TV applications. The company also provides more than 280 basic video channels to its customers, 2500 local channels and about 30 movie channels. It covers about 93 percent of the United States household. The customers receive the programming through in-house equipment which includes a satellite dish and a set-top box. Some receivers are also internet-protocol compatible. It allows the customers to view programs through the internet connection (“Investor relations dish network”). There is stiff competition in the satellite market. The nearest competitor of Dish Network is DirecTV Group. DirecTV is one of the largest pay-tv in US. It is larger in size and stronger capital base than the Dish Networks. Moreover, the network of DirecTV is stronger than Dish TV and it is sold in more stores than Dish Networks. There are also some large providers of cable service successfully competing with Dish Network, they are Time Warner Cable and Comcast. The Time Warner Cable Inc. is a cable service provider in US. It offers video channels, voice services and high speed data through its broadband services. Whereas, Comcast is also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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