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Supply Chain Management in the Argri Foods Sector within UK and Northern Ireland - Research Paper Example

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This paper seeks to investigate these trends in supplier relationship management within the Retail Supply chain, and how retailers have adjusted their practices to be more competitive in the market place…
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Supply Chain Management in the Argri Foods Sector within UK and Northern Ireland
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Extract of sample "Supply Chain Management in the Argri Foods Sector within UK and Northern Ireland"

Download file to see previous pages Over the past few years, companies having been focusing on reducing the number of suppliers that they have so as to harness effective relationships that is build more on collaboration (Ponce-Cueto, Garcia-Sanchez, and Ortega-Mier, 2010: 111). Indeed supplier relationship which had in the past been ignored is presently growing to be an influential aspect of the retail supply chain and businesses as well. Lintukangas and Kahkonen (2010:107) show that supplier relationship which essential in connecting a business to the supplier network, is critical in increasing a firm’s competitiveness as the company is able to exploit synergies from such relationships. This increases the effectiveness of supplier relationship management thereby increasing business performance. Such views are also shared by Jiang, Henneberg and Naude (2012) who note that supplier relationship management which thrive in trusting and dependent environments are critical for the enhancing business objectives where the quality of such relationships determine level of trust. Problem Statement Though there have a wide array of research on how best to manage relationships within the supply in order to enhance the performance of an organizational (Olurunniwo et al, 2011; Leeman, 2010; Croxton et al, 2001), the evolving nature of the retail supply chain necessitates constant change in the way it is managed. Such changes that have over the recent past been impacting the supply chain include changes into multi-tier network of relationships, the increasing practice of outsourcing key supply chain processes within the retail sector and the impacts of the recession in the way the way that retailers carry their business and relate to the suppliers. This necessitates a study in this area into how such...
This essay approves that in analyzing data in this research study, repeated themes and ideas gathered from the interview answers will be identified in order to give meaning to the data collected. The data gotten will be constantly compared both with the reviewed literature and with other respondent’s answers in order to determine a pattern and meaning. Common elements within the smaller retailers will also be analysed and identified in order to understand what these have in common, while common elements, themes and ideas from the large retailers will also be analysed in order to be able to understand what these share.
This report makes a conclusion that it is not possible to explore and reach out to all the retail supply players and to relevant business entities since there are quite many businesses with different business operations. This follows the fact that the research focuses on retail supply chain which is crowded with diverse businesses. The research will therefore have some bias in a way as regards reaching out to particular relevant businesses. In addition, the research will cover only one specific geographic region and therefore may not be representative of all geographic regions and especially the global environment. In addition, getting access to some executives in some companies may need a lot of dedicated efforts in order to get an appointment set. Though the study is limited by these constraints, the results could have important practical implications to the retail industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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