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International business stratergy - Essay Example

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xxxxx Student No. 12345 (BUSINESS) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATERGY Professor: ABC Xxxxx xxxx College Department of XXXX XXXX 09 May, 2011 Introduction Major variables are incorporating to get the public sector within substantial demand. Besides the latest expenses dilemma, the lack of leadership and poor management strategies has increased several pressures on UK public sector…
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International business stratergy
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Download file to see previous pages The performance measurement is significant as it recognizes the existing performance gaps between contemporary and desired performances and provides an indication of progress towards closing the gaps. Carefully selected key performance indicators identify precisely where to take action to improve performance. This paper deals with the identification and application of the concepts of lean management and the key performance indicators for the maintenance functions. Initially the paper defines the complex framework of UK public sector and then describes the application of lean management and KPIs within the UK public sector. At the end, the paper deeply emphasizes on how the UK Public sector progressing well in terms of management strategies. The issue is elaborated critically that how public sector organizations are actively hitting the target but missing the core objectives. UK Public Sector It is very tough for a person not citizen of UK to easily comprehend the structure, operations, and management systems of UK public sector. Probably the main reason is the complex restructurings, numerous administrative divisions, and a combination of district councils, county councils, and unitary authorities which make the whole managing structure quite complex. Both the county and district divisions have their particular area of jurisdiction. Public sector Area of responsibility County level Education, Social Services, Transport, Strategic Planning, Fire Services, Consumer Protection, Refuse Disposal, Smallholdings, Libraries District level Local planning, Housing, Local highways, Building regulations, Environmental health, Refuse collection Divided level Recreation, Cultural matters Lean Management Daniel, T. Jones was the first one who presented the concept of lean management in 1990s. Today his concept has been developed into a mini discipline which the public sector and industrial organizations are using in their area of operations. Principally the approach supports the mapping business procedures, recognizing the waste, delays and restricted accesses, re-designing the workflow to aim for perfection (Jones, 2003). The concept is described in the following diagram. Instead of simply accepting the uncritical pre-existing ideas, the lean management is basically an optimizing variation in terms of improving the efficiency, decreasing the waste, and the utilization of experimental procedures to decide what does matter. The goals of lean management systems differ from author to author e.g. some authors believe on an internal focus to increase the profit of the organization (Liker, 2004) while there is a lot which assert that progress must be done for the sake of the customer (Womack et al, 1990). UK public sector organizations apply different techniques of the principles of lean management to attain maximum output. Initially the concept of lean management was presented in terms of manufacturing industry. Toyota Production System (TPS) was the first concept of lean which was developed from 1940s to 1970s also known as Japanese Waste Model. The leading goals of TPS were to eliminate the seven wastes which included wastes in terms of transport, inventory, motion, waiting, over production, over processing, and defects (Womack and Jones, 2003). Ford (1922) describes the entire concept of waste in just one paragraph. “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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